Top 5 Sounds to Help You Sleep More Peacefully

How many of you have ever laid in bed, deafened by the silence, unable to find sleep?

A single isolated sound creeps in and suddenly you know you are in for a long night.

Top 5 Sounds to Help You Sleep More Peacefully

Top 5 Sounds to Help You Sleep More Peacefully

Yep. We have ALL been there. And if you are like me, you have a few little secrets to combat this pitfall. There is an array of soothing sound that can help us drown out the tinnitus, or the midnight street crew… whatever it is that is disrupting your brain’s ability to let you find that precious REM sleep that is sometimes so elusive. In all reality, I imagine the list would go on forever. For, as many unpleasant, abrupt sounds as there may be… I have found there is an equal number of soothing and rhythmic auditory input, as well. For the purpose of not keeping you up past your bedtime, I will discuss the five sounds that I find to be most relaxing in my quest to claim the almighty Zzzzz.


What sort of self-respecting Earthling would I be if a good old fashion Thunderstorm was not at the top of this list? A rolling thunderstorm in the distance has soothed me many a night. The patter of rain is a frequency that is of the highest level of mental wellness I could ever hope to feel. Rain charges the air with negative ions, and it is an overall cleanse for mind and spirit. The sounds of rain and thunder offer a prolonged, pattern less reverie in which to get blissfully lost to slumber.

The drone of a fan.

This one takes me back… all the way back to my early childhood in the tropic heat of Florida. Long before central air conditioning was a reality for so many families. We relied on fans to keep us ALIVE. I kid you not. And ask any old timey southerner today… if they are over the age of fifty they will tell you… the sound of a fan is one the most soothing sleep sounds you can find. The experts of Top Cooling Fan found on their research that the white sound of the cooling fan will help sleep better and deep.  It symbolizes comfort and crisp air. Growing up in the south (or anywhere that boasts sweltering heat) you will well relate to my placing “drone of a fan” at the top of this list. Too many nights would have been sleepless and sweaty had it not been for the blessed fan. A wonderful invention of mercy!

The ocean.

A sound as timeless as the sun and moon. This noise predates all life, as we know it. The rolling ocean tides… lapping at the shoreline. It creates a lulling a gritty music that is sure to provide you with the backdrop you need to tune out most any noise the environment may be throwing at you. Waves crashing against rocks, maybe even the occasional gull, or boat creak. Perhaps the slightest sound of the sail clanking against the mast. It all equals relaxation. I can almost smell the sun tan lotion. The atmosphere of the beach is one that evokes an air of warmth and sleepiness. I have fallen prey to the sun’s rays many a time while listening to the waves on the beach. What is great about using this sound for sleep, at night, is the ZERO chance you have of waking up with a third degree sunburn. It is one of those elemental, earthy sounds that must surely have soothed our very ancestors.

A heartbeat.

The heartbeat of our mother is the first sound we hear, as we develop in the womb. It symbolizes all that is secure and safe. It is the reassuring cadence we are born into this world to know. When we take in an abandoned puppy or a litter of kittens… what do we do? we give them a clock to help them feel safer… the theory is that it will be reminiscent of their mother’s heartbeat. Many people find this sound to be the most soothing of all… and they report they become almost unaware of it as they drift off to sleep. It envelops them in comfort and they are able to sleep calmly through the night. For this reason, it is a very popular sound for inclusion in baby toys. Many crib toys have this “heartbeat” sound as the primary option in their repertoire. And it only makes sense.

City Sounds.

Yes, folks. You read that right. I would be remiss if I did not include this category of noise. While this idea may seem terribly unappealing to most people that grew up in a rural setting, some city slickers find the simply CANNOT find sleep without the ambience of the city scape. Traffic noises and mechanical sounds… city life never stops. Many folks have become conditioned to find this soothing… and cannot feel at ease without it. If you do not believe me, research it yourself. I kid you, not.

There are sound machines that include the “City Sounds” option for just such folks. I fine that I use my own sound machine to drown OUT such sounds in my world. That said, I have a thunderstorm track of my own that is in the city… rain on concrete. It is quite soothing and the random little city sounds tend to help dissipate the odd door slamming (or what have you) that may be happening in real time… outside my bedroom. This final sleep inducing noise just goes to show you that it takes all kinds, in this world. To each his own, right?


In conclusion, The Gander must say that any of these sounds would lend to a more even and relaxed night of sleep. So much is going on around us, all the time, that it is a small wonder that we are able to get any rest at all. One final piece of brain fodder I want to share with you before you go… there is a very common sound that MANY people sleep with each night that DID NOT make my list. And for good reason. That sound is the drone of the television.

Yep. The innocuous TV. So many of us eat and sleep in front of our television sets. This device has grown to keep us company. It entertains us. Many folks leave it on at all times. We have grown so accustomed to the TV in our daily lives, and see it as a friend, of sorts. However, science has found that sleeping with the TV on lends to a terrible night’s sleep.

We may use it to help drown out other noises… but the constant flickering of the lights makes it impossible for us to ever enter REM sleep. It is just a recipe for disaster. No amount of coffee can fix a lost night of rest. Whatever your methods of finding the deep sleep you need, it is likely that one of these five ambient sounds has served you well. We humans are so different… yet so predictably similar.

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