Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Frame for Heavy Person

Having a nice bed is not just a luxury but a necessity whether you are on the heavy side or not. However, it is not the mattress that matters all the time when it comes to having a nice bed to rest. Sometimes, it is just your bed frame that needs some improvement especially if you weigh over 105 kilograms.

Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Frame for Heavy Person

Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Frame for Heavy Person

If you want a reliable bed frame that can keep you safe for many years while you sleep, you better start looking for a decent one. So, below are the top things you should consider before buying a bed frame for heavy person:


There are certain weight limits when it comes to bed frames so be sure to check the weight capacity of the bed frame you want. You wouldn’t want to hear a creaking sound every time you move in bed just because your bed frame can’t handle you, do you? So, it should be strong enough to handle your weight. If ever, you should also consider the weight of the person or people you would be sharing the bed with.

Therefore, you should know your exact weight together with your partner’s weight to compute the total weight capacity that will look for.


First things first, consider your size so you don’t have to worry about having any part of your body hanging out of the bed. Whether you have bought a mattress already or not, the size of your bed frame is very important. Otherwise, you might end up getting a bed frame that is either too big or too small to fit your mattress. You also need to consider the size of the entire room where you will put the bed frame to avoid eating up space in your room.


Just like shopping for other things in the market, knowing the cost of bed frames is important. It is always best to set a budget to avoid overspending when shopping for the best bed frame that you need. Setting a budget will help you find the best bed frames within your set price range without getting too overwhelmed.

You will find this helpful when shopping for other things too on both online and offline stores.


Since you are shopping for the center of attention in your bedroom, it is important to match the style of your bed frame into your room. Your bed frame can make or break the overall look of your bedroom in one look. Thus, you can create a drama in your room by choosing the right style whether you prefer a wooden bed frame or a metal bed frame.Lastly, the style of your bed frame can also enhance the overall performance of your mattress.


Aside from the overall look, you should also look for some reinforcements on your bed frame. Ensuring that your bed frame includes some extra support will help you sleep more peaceful every night. There should be added features on your bed frame like sturdy slats, and extra legs to hold your weight better. Not to mention in the middle part of your bed.

The more slats and legs your bed frame contain, the better support it can provide you.


Since there are tons of bed frames to choose from on both online and offline stores, checking one store after another is really an exhausting work. As a matter of fact, one day is not enough if you would really search for the best bed frames that are suitable for heavy people. Let alone if you are all by yourself. Therefore, reading reviews made by customers and experts are also vital before purchasing a bed frame.

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Reading reviews will help you gain additional information that is not included in the product description. There are times that reading reviews will give you more than what you want such as the Pros and Cons, and other features of that certain product.


Once you have gone through our list of things to consider, it will be easier for you to get the bed frame of your dreams. Don’t forget that it is alright to ask questions. Ask as many questions you have in mind before you purchase a bed frame to ensure that you will not hate your bed frame later. Asking questions will also help you determine the kind of customer service that is provided by the store or brand you are dealing with.


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