Snuggly and Cozy: Tips in Purchasing the Exact Mattress at Home

A great slumber, turning and rolling will depend mostly on your mattress. Mattresses are much more complicated than you expect, yet, despite spending a quarter of our day sleeping, it’s a surprise that most people only know less about their mattresses.

Snuggly and Cozy Tips in Purchasing the Exact Mattress at Home

Which Mattress is Best for You?

According to the research conducted by National Sleep Foundation in 2011, around 92 percent of their subjects verbalized that a comfortable mattress is vital in having a good night sleep.

Picking the exact mattress is not about spending a ton of money just to purchase a famous brand, for an expensive mattress does not precisely mean it is better than others. Instead of setting focus on the brand name and price, it is best to think of what you need in a mattress. Some people like sleeping on a mattress that is firmer while some prefer a softer one.

The Types of Mattresses

Mattress comes in a variety of constructions and forms, with different design and materials for various preferences. An insight which mattress is suitable helps you decide your needs for sleeping and will get you investing in your rest. Here are some of the most commonly used mattresses.

Hybrid Mattresses. This kind of bedding consists of a combination of foam and steel coils.

Innerspring Mattresses. This mattress consists of steel coils. There are several ways of establishing the steel coils inside, and covering the steel coils with paddings, foams, and cushioning which differ by the maker.

Foam Mattresses. This mattress utilizes the foam as an interior support. The foam mattress can consist of different components and different levels of softness to meet a client’s needs for sleeping.

Memory Foam Mattresses. The memory foam is a thick polyurethane foam used as the core of the mattress which is vital in shaping the body of the sleeping person entirely.

Pillow Top Mattresses. This variant of the mattress has an extra coat of covering stitched into the mattress for a better sleep experience.

Which Mattresses Should you Select? Firm or Soft?

There’s no quick rule about picking the correct level of firmness or softness for your mattress. However, choosing the precise level of toughness is vital to prevent general body stiffness. Also, choosing a bed that is just too old or perhaps the wrong mattress can be the cause of your neck pain and low back pain.

For anyone who has consistent back pain or neck pain should carefully select which type of mattress to buy. It should not be too soft and not too stiff. A firm mattress with a more delicate pillow top provides the right balance of cushioning and support to your spine.

Also, some people need to sleep with the head elevated such as people with heartburn or respiratory diseases. Thus, it’s best to purchase an adjustable bed for people having these kinds of health conditions.

Adjustable beds allow you to adjust your hips and knees to a proper angle which helps in relieving pressure on sore joints. If you have asthma or allergies, then you should consider buying a bed that is hypoallergenic.

When is the Time to Purchase a New Mattress? at Experts talk about: A hole with padding coming out or a spring touching your back is the evident signs that it is time for you to change your mattress. However, these are not the only concerns about why you should buy a new one. If you are merely not sleeping well as you used to, is also a factor to consider.

If you have been consistently having trouble with sleeping, the problem might not be your mattress. It could be the age. It is best to keep your mattress for not more than ten years. Ten years should be the right time to start looking for a new one again.


There is nothing more rewarding than sleeping comfortably in your bed after a stressful day. In a typical setting, the mattress is usually out of the equation, but now we know its significance, but now you know its importance in helping us sleep comfortably as well as to our health.

In the end, choosing the mattress where we sleep should be carefully planned to prevent pain and promote comfort.


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