Porter Cable C2002 Air compressor review

The construction of this compressor is something to take notice off as it comes with a pancake shaped tank for maximum stability. In addition to this it also has 150 PSI, rubber feet and a valve that drains water. The compressor has a high pressure set up that lets the air tool perform longer and it also has a 2.6 SCFM coming in at 90 PSI, this facilitates a shorter recovery period. This PORTER-CABLE C2002 has a pump that does not use oil and this means the maintenance is zero. This has a motor that runs on 120V and it has no problems starting up in the winter months. This can be moved around with easily and it comes with a capacity of 6 gallons.

Porter Cable C2002 Air compressor review

Porter Cable C2002 Air compressor review

This compressor has already become very popular in the market and is outselling all its competitors by leaps and bounds. The advanced features on this gadget make it a wonderful experience using it. This pancake compressor is certainly a major improvement than other similar products and it is worth buying. Some of the key features are discussed below.

Sales Package:

The sales package includes the user manual and the compressor.  The manual has clear cut instruction on how to use it well and get the best out of it. Even if you are a first timer you will not have a tough time operating this compressor

Good Capacity:

With a six gallon capacity you could not have expected more. The compressor has a tank that is pancake shaped. This compressor ranks high on stability. The good thing is that the compressor has a drain valve to let water out. The rubber feet prevent nasty scratches on wooden floors. The upgraded shroud is the plus pint about this compressor. Since it has two air couplers it can be used by two people simultaneously

User Friendly:

It is not tough to figure out how to use the compressor as the user manual says it all .The controls are quite easy and as a first timer too you will not face problems

Low Maintenance:

Since the pump does not use any oil you will not have to worry about putting in too much time for maintenance. Which means you will not have to deal with nasty oil spills or any issues with maintenance

Very Reliable:

The quality of the pump is top notch so when you buy it you can be rest assured that you are getting a quality product. The finishing is top notch and so it will last for a very long time. You can get through your operation pretty fast

Automated Overload Protection:

This has a overload protection that is fully automated. The compressor runs at 40 and 90 PSI to recharge its 6 gallon capacity. The powerful regulators facilitate high pressure and give you a great deal of flexibility to get through many different jobs

Very Powerful: Though this compressor consumes very low electricity, its performance is simply undisputed at all levels. As a user you will not feel disappointed in anyway. Even though it operates on 120V you can use this device in the colder months  as it starts up easily

Portable And Compact: The device weighs 34 pounds and is much lighter than the other models found in the market. So, you will not have any trouble moving it around. Since the design is compact storing it will not be a problem too

After considering all the features in this compressor it is safe to say that this product is worth buying. Anybody with this in their house could not have asked more for their money. The quality and performance are both superior and unmatched. It can be said that the PORTER-CABLE C2002 will not disappoint you in any way at all. So do not hesitate to buy this product.


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