Other uses of coffee grounds you may not know

Coffee ground is of various uses that you may not know and once you do get to know how to use it for multiple purposes; you will not throw it away right after enjoying a cup of coffee. Let’s find out with The Gander in this article.

Other uses of coffee grounds you may not know

Fertilizing garden

Each time you have a coffee drink and tend to dispose of coffee ground, think of your garden. Coffee ground could be a perfect component for composting. Rich-in-nitrogen content makes coffee ground an ideal green material. Simply throw the used coffee bags into compost pile with some brown materials such as straw, fallen leaves or rotten logs. After some time, the mixture will be biodegraded and turn into natural fertile nutrients for plants in the garden.This is a Branch coffee under ground

If you are planting some kinds of acid-loving varieties in your garden, it is a good idea to feed them with the coffee ground. Directly add it to the soil and it will help to improve drainage. Earthworms are also attracted by coffee ground and they will come to burrow the soil, which results in better aeration. Beneficial microorganisms are conditioned to grow while destructive pests such as ants or snails are repelled. Now you know how to utilize coffee ground for your garden. Therefore, don’t be tempted to dump it into the waste bin, but feed the soil instead.

Removing fleas

Fleas are pesky insects that live as parasites on furry animals such as dogs or cats. They suck the blood of the host for their living and travel from place to place by clinging in the host body and dropping off. Their strong hind legs enable fleas to jump pretty far and they can attack human by biting our lower parts of the body such as ankles, feet or legs. The moment you notice that there are some fleas in-house, there must be thousands of eggs, larvae or pupae elsewhere.

There are many chemical products that can help you fight against fleas, but if you are kind of advocate for non-toxic flea control products, there are also a number of natural methods to treat fleas safely. For example, you can remove fleas using coffee ground. As mentioned earlier, the coffee ground is ideal for repelling harmful insects and fleas are no exception. Should your pets are infested with fleas, bathing them in the coffee ground can help to get rid of fleas on their body? Alternatively, you may use the coffee ground to rub it on the furry coat of your pet before rinsing off with water.

Deodorizing smell

Should your kitchen or fridge is full of unpleasant odors caused by spoiled food; a bowl of coffee ground placing inside can fight off the smell. Any other places such as car seat, bedroom, or shoes that need deodorizing could be filled with some coffee ground so as for the odor to be swept away.  The mechanism of odor absorbing is the nitrogen content in the coffee ground that helps to neutralize the disgusting smell in the air. Have some coffee ground bags acted as air-fresheners in the space you want to filter the air and you will be surprised at the result.

Cleaning things up

Cleaning things up

If you are confronted with stuck-on food on dishes or kitchenware, coffee ground could help you out of this. The abrasiveness of coffee makes it perfect for scrubbing hard-to-beat food stains. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of the substance even help to disinfect the materials to be cleaned up. Polishing the pots, grills or sinks by coffee ground is advisable. Finding and using the vacuum will save your time.

Exfoliating skin

Coffee ground is not just for stuff cleaning, it can be used for your skin cleansing as well. To make an exfoliating skin agent, you can add the coffee ground to warm water and scrub it to your skin to remove dead skin cells. For lip exfoliating, the coffee ground can be added with honey to create a paste for that exfoliating purpose. The antioxidant properties of caffeine can prevent skin damage due to sunlight. Overall healthy skin is promoted as blood flow is increased.

Hair conditioning and dying

If the shampoo and conditioner for your hair can’t help to remove the residue, a recommendation is to resort to coffee ground. The coarse texture will help to break the residue while leaving no damage to the head skin. Have a handful of coffee ground scrubbed into your hair and massage it for a while before shampooing and washing off with water. It is believed that your hair could enjoy a natural shine thanks to coffee ground.

In addition, if you want to have a natural coffee colored hair, have some coffee ground extracted and make it an inexpensive dye. It is absolutely safe in comparison with commercial dying products. The coffee ground can even stimulate hair growth so be sure you make full use of it before throwing away.

Tenderizing meat

Tenderizing meat

If you are going to process a tough meat that is packed with muscle fibers, there could be some ways to help you create a softer texture out of the tough one. Commonly you can use salt for tenderizing meat; however, in case the coffee ground is available you can add the acidic agent to the meat. This will not only help to soften the texture but enhance the flavor as well. If you can apply coffee ground to the meat two hours before cooking, for sure you will have a tender flavor meat for cooking.

Repairing scratched furniture

Wooden furniture is prone to scratch or scuff. A single scratch could cause your luxurious furniture to decrease in value and you must feel sorry to see that. Certainly, there are products to fix it, but there is a simple way you can help to repair the scratched furniture namely using coffee ground. Mix it with some water to have a sticky paste and rub it to the scuff. Later when you wipe out the paste after 5 to 10 minutes, the scratch on the furniture seems to disappear as it has been concealed by the coffee color which is as dark brown as the natural wood. This is such a magical way to fix that scratched wooden stuff.

So far you have got to know a number of ways to make use of coffee ground from fertilizing the garden, removing fleas, cleaning up things and dead skin cells, conditioning and dying hair, tenderizing meat and repairing scuffed furniture. It is really advantageous to utilize coffee ground after a coffee drink so hopefully, you can apply it to your benefits somehow or somewhere. Welcome to The Gander!!! Don’t forget The Gander !!


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