Makita Mac5200 Air Compressor Review

The MAKITA MAC5200 has broadened toughness, mechanical power and wheel unit is an incredible expansion to your workshops and garages. The unit is fueled by a 3.0 (running) strength engine drawing 13.8 amps of current and turning at 3420RPM. It produces 90dBA of commotion which is lower than different gadgets in its class.

This Makita Mac5200 Air Compressor Review will inform you how it has been designed with Makita’s front line wide bore barrel cylinder pump. It refills a 5.2-gallon air tank just in 2 minutes from 0 to 140 PSI. Oil-lube include opposes wear and tear as well as guarantees greatest execution at your extreme site.

Makita air compressor mac5200 Review

Moreover, it is transportable and can be mounted on a tough steel outline with a foldable handle having against slip elastic grasp and huge 8″ pneumatic tires for simple transportation. There is more to this and you will soon find out everything about it.

Makita Mac5200 Air Compressor Review


Providing 6.5 CFM @ 90 and 6.9 CFM @ 40PSI, MAKITA MAC5200 is a multipurpose air compressor. Aside from its weight, Makita is presumed for their quality item. Move bar, case and different parts of the body are outlined with top graded steel. Barrel, cylinder, pump cover, engine cover all are made of solid metal and this implies that the unit is quite dependable.


MAKITA MAC5200 emerges from the group as a result of its best in class BIG BORE PUMP. The term may be unfamiliar to you. All the air compressors run on 3 essential mechanical gadgets, an interfacing bar chamber, and cylinder.

A medicinal syringe can be the best example for you to get it. The descending development of sliding handle with in-assembled elastic knob breathes in air. Correspondingly, the upward development discharges the air through a similar outlet. Now unlike the syringe, a pump has two separate information and yield openings.

The empty space inside the chamber is called BORE. The greater is the drag, the more prominent volume of air comes. The forward and in reverse development of the cylinder is called stroke. Giving that a major bore pump can suck in a more prominent measure of air contrasted with a tight bore in 1 stroke.

If a tight bore pump can renew a 5-gallon air tank in 2000 stroke, pump having two times huge bore can do this taking half measure of stroke. In this way, a major bore pump is considerably more proficient than its partner and produces less warmth.

The MAKITA MAC5200 is oil greased up. At the point when the cylinder slides at fast inside a barrel then the film of oil is used to reduce the erosion and makes it air tight. That is the reason oiled pump compresses air all the more proficiently and keep the barrel cool bringing about sturdiness and profitability.


MAKITA MAC5200 produces 90 decibels of commotion that may sound somewhat louder. This isn’t a major ordeal for some who have utilized substantial obligation air compressor. They know how noisy an expert review compressor can be.


It has vast 5.2-gallon air tank. No other factor does make a difference than the extent of an air tank with regards to utilizing high utilization pneumatic instruments. With this tank estimate, you can utilize different air instruments to outline divider, introduce crown shaping, frame walls, fix screws, lug bolts and nuts faster.


A Makita Mac5200 Air Compressor Review will go in vain, if we did not discuss this. So, we would like to add that like any other Makita, this one too comes with 30 day satisfaction guarantee. It has to be mentioned that Each Makita apparatus is justified to be free of imperfections from workmanship and materials for the time of 1 year from the date of purchase. Should any inconvenience create amid the one-year time frame, you can return the instrument to one of Authorized Service Centers or Makita’s Factory and your cargo will be paid ahead of time.


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