Is Makita Power Tools Worth to Buy?

Makita, a giant manufacturer of the power tool, started their services for over a century and had more than 450 quality equipment of commercial grade and many special personal hand use power tools.

They are well known for their reliable high-end types of equipment which are designed specially keeping a focus on construction jobs, industrial cutting, dust extraction, planning, drilling, etc.

They are in the top grade in manufacturing corded, cordless, portable and handy tools and are globally trusted manufactures with a guarantee of quality and reliable devices.

Is Makita Power Tools Worth to Buy

History of Makita:

The Makita Corp. Was initiated 90 years back in 1915 in Japan, Anio, the company has become famous for their quality products and grown big and started their factories in other countries such as China, Japan, Germany, Mexico, the UK, the US, Brazil, and Canada.

The company is designing innovative handy cordless power tools to be beneficial for construction jobs, industry works, and repair jobs. Day by day their business is growing worldwide and earning billions per year.

Here is what about Makita commercial equipment:

General purpose tools- portable:

  • Makita drill
  • Makita Grinders
  • Makita palm sanders
  • Makita jackhammers
  • Makita Air Compressor: MAC5200, MAC2400, MAC 700

Makita woodworking tools- portable and non-portable:

  • Makita table saws: Best choice table saws
  • Makita band saws
  • Makita planer
  • Makita router
  • Makita nail gun

Makita household tools:

  • Makita chainsaws
  • Makita hedge trimmers
  • Makita vacuum
  • Makita leaf blower

Benefits of Makita Cordless Power Tool:

There are so many great power tools manufactured by Makita. But while talking about the benefits of power tools the Makita cordless power has endless benefits. A few are discussed below:

  • Lithium-ion batteries are one of its best privileges, they charge faster.
  • While using the corded tools, there is a chance of getting hurt by cable cuts or falling because of ignoring the cord while walking around in the working place. But by using the cordless Makita power tool, you can just stop worrying about these problems.
  • There is no need for any extension cord or power board to operate the Makita tools.
  • The Makita cordless power tools operate using the high end powered batteries without utilizing any cord.
  • You can work anywhere without any boundaries like in a kitchen, garage, etc.
  • It is simple and convenient to work outside of your home by simply carrying with you the Makita kit.
  • Unlike the corded tools which can bring dangers and not safe to be operated by younger generation, the Makita cordless power tools can be run even by your child like drilling holes on cupboards walls to hang something like photos, sceneries, etc.
  • The Makita cordless power tools are handy and are lightweight.
  • There is no much strain put on your hands while operating the gun shape Makita power tools they are very easy and safe to use.
  • The Makita power tools occupy less space and need no extra space as they don’t have any cords to wrap around.
  • You can get rid of the danger which can be caused by wrapping the cord since the cord breaks when you do, and there is the chance of power shock.
  • They are easy to transport and carry while you are traveling

So what are you waiting for throw out your old unfashionable tools and start buying the innovative and efficient Makita power tools.

Most Selling Tools in Makita:

Dust eliminator and drilling power tools:

The most selling tools in the Makita brand are dust eliminator and drills. Most of the equipment is including the Lithium-ion cordless driver, rechargeable flashlight with lithium ion, hammer driver drill with lithium-ion, and four pieces’ cordless combo kit with lithium-ion.

About batteries:

Lithium batteries are built in Makita motors for flexible power. The shock absorbing systems which are built-in and this is useful for securing the battery from high voltage and minimizes the charging system to extend the life of the power of the tool for more than four hours.

Most of the people are unaware of lithium-ion batteries. These batteries come in different types and different qualities. It means that the used material and manufacturing techniques which employed in making the products. And it impacts on the overall storage capacity and quality. These are wireless tools so you can carry anywhere.

Rechargeable Flashlight in Makita:

Here is another top selling tool from Makita that is a rechargeable flashlight. The design of this flashlight is four position head with a compact design for sports, light bulb used in this flashlight is xenon for maximum luminance, and the durability is 5hours.

This flashlight is used primarily for handiworks at indoors or night. The four headed will help to place the light in many directions. It also consists of a strap which is used to handle the flashlight easily.

Combo tool:

And another tool that is combo tools which are having the two tools in one. The tools are hammering driver drill with lithium ion and cordless impact driver.

It comes that built-in LED light, classic Makita design four-pole maximum torque motor and will heat the steel in a treated manner. The complete unit comes with an electronic brake.

Purchase the power tools in a Makita brand:

These Makita power tools are also available in online you can also purchase power tools in online stores. And this is the best brand it is available in the department and also in hardware stores.

The official site is available on the internet, and it is mainly designed for customers easy to choose the list of power tools.

They also offer the offline stores like home depot and Lowe’s you can purchase the tools in that stores. In these stores, you can get the great offers on special days like a new year, Christmas and so on.

Buy an authorized tool:

Make sure that when you are buying the tools from authorized stores and check whether the tool is genuine, an authorized tool for validating warranty. With your comfort, Makita will provide your home, and you can get best-offered prices – The Gander said

The Bottom Line:

Makita is a top leading company in manufacturing the power tools. These tools are mainly used for construction accessories like drilling, cuttings, planning, dust extraction and some other equipment. Makita is a brand where the machines are manufacturing the cordless power tools for the customer’s requirements.

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