How to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours – An absolute guide to quality sleep

Quality sleep is an integral part of a good lifestyle. In this write, We will talk about how much you should sleep and some proven ways that can help you sleep better.

How much should I sleep?

It can be annoying when you find yourself sleepy in the middle of a very competitive fortunate match, Why do you feel sleepy? Did you now sleep enough last night?

Defining how much sleep is optimal for a human can be tricky. This is because there is no specific answer to this. The amount of sleep required varies immensely between individuals.

This is because scientists still debate the very function of sleep, but we sure know that it’s necessary and helps us work more productively and efficiently. It is estimated that a human spends 24 years of their life sleeping.

Sleeping 8 hours a day is believed to be the amount of time enough for proper function of a human body. In this world of modernization, It can be hard to keep up 8 hours of sleep a day. It is highly recommended especially if your work includes productive thinking and execution.

8 hours being too much to keep up with in this world of modernization, Most people sleep 6 hours a day. Science suggests there is a decrease in productivity if you sleep less but it’s not very hard to get used to this schedule. If you follow this plan, You might often find yourself sleepy and not very productive; This is because it takes time to get used to a changed sleeping partner and not because it’s not enough amount of sleep.

Sleeping less than 6 hours a day is not considered healthy, Brain function suffers immensely if you sleep less than 6 hours a day.

How much should I sleep

The sleep requirement also matters on the age of the individual, A young child needs a lot more sleep than a grown person, There is no specific reason to this, but in the tests conducted in the recent times, Children suffer more loss of brain function if they sleep less.

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Sleep Debt

Most people who sleep 6 hours a day run into this often, As the name suggests if an individual sleeps less than a minimal functional requirement, This term implies forcing them to recover the sleep that has been missed.

Sleep Debt

Recent studies suggest that 7-8 hours of sleep is ideal for humans. People who sleep less than 7 hours a day have a higher risk of suffering from heart disease obesity and 12% higher risk of chronic diseases. Read full study on

Sleep is tied to your mental and physical health, Let’s learn how you can sleep better and quicker at night.

1. Bedtime Ritual

When we are small, Parents read us bedtime stories, get us a glass of water, all in the name of good sleep. As we grow up, It’s more for us to figure out our ritual since it’s not tied to the inclusion of our parents anymore. Building an individual ritual is not an easy task, This doesn’t have to be absolute either. It’s all about trying things out which you think could work.

Most people would recommend reading a few pages of a book before going to sleep. As for which works best is completely personalized and you cannot figure it out without trying first. Few rituals you can develop are; Drinking a cup of tea, taking a bath, reading books or a few minutes of yoga.

There are also a few habits that you should try not to develop before going to bed. You don’t want to do extensive exercise sessions before going to bed. A misconception that people have is drinking alcohol before bed helps in sleep, It sure does, but it’s likely that you will wake up in middle of the night confused and unable to sleep.

2. Building a regular schedule

Personally, I used to have a hard time with this. I would develop a right sleeping plan one day but delay the sleep time the next and end up back on the same road in a few days. It’s essential that you try your best to go to bed at almost the same time to bed every day irrespective of your tiredness.

Ryan Stewart from, emphasizes:

“A regular sleep cycle is hard to maintain, Especially in the modernized world we live in today but it’s also a necessity since it promotes productivity and efficiency.”

It might seem like an impossible task but it’s quite easy to achieve, All you need to do is force yourself to sleep at the same time for at least six days. This will help set an internal clock which will help you get back on the track even if you miss the schedule one day.

3. Bedroom Product

Anyone don’t interest high-quality mattress, best pillow and platform bed. But It will help you get a good night sleep. You need to choose right mattress, right pillow, and right bed. So, You can read some of my article talk about it which very good.

4. Unplug from technology

I know how hard it can be to resist facebook notifications, but they can be the reason for your improper sleep pattern. Studies suggest that disconnecting yourself from technology while sleeping is a great a way not to get distracted. Most of us rely on phones for waking us up, Instead of this get an alarm clock.

Unplug from technology

You could try to resist and not use the technology around while on the bed, but sometimes you might end up breaking your habit and get addicted to it again. I turn off my wifi and keep the phone at a hard to reach distance while going to bed.

Follow these steps, and you can see all set for a better night sleep. Building this habit can take time, but its reward is much superior to the required effort to implement it. Following these steps will help you in a better overall lifestyle and make you more productive. Good luck with How to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours


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