How to improve sleep during hot nights without AC

The Gander and You, all love summer, it brings the motivation to get out, get fit. Go to beaches, enjoy the sunshine, get a nice tan going and so forth. For many of us, however, it also leads to a horrible situation of unbearable heat at night, this can cause things such as night sweats and degrade not only the quality of sleep but also your quantity of sleep. We have decided today to bring forth a list of ways to promote staying cool whilst in bed, as well as, promote our body to stay cool before it is time to go sleep.

How to improve sleep during hot nights without AC

Tips to stay cool before bed:

1. Try to resist the temptation to exercise before bed as this will raise your body temperature and retain heat in your body, Ensuring that you give your body enough time to cool down is a vital trick to decreasing the overall heat that you will experience when you are trying to fall asleep.

2. Take a cool shower or bath before bed, however, try not to make the water to cold as this has an alarming chance to be counterproductive as your body may rise in general temperature so as to counteract the cold.

3. If it’s summer, it is time to replace the heavier linen with that of a cool, lighter variety. Certain linen may contain “cool” properties which will help reduce the heat around certain areas, providing a cooler nights rest.

Just before hopping into bed:

1. Sounds weird, but it works. That is to say, the tip is to stick your linen into the freezer, ensure they are cool but dry before putting to use, this will ensure that heat is eliminated for at least a time period between 30 – 40 minutes. This should be plenty time for you to fall asleep.

2. An hour before bedtime, opening your windows will help to improve air circulation around the room, also cooling down the room. Before going to sleep, however, it is recommended to close the window again as temperature fluctuations may cause muscles to stiffen and when this happens you may involuntarily awaken from that epic dream you were having.

3. Try sleep in cotton clothing when possible, although the temptation to strip and lay naked might be great, this is not always the smartest technique to reduce heat as there is no absorption. With cotton, however, this is a different story. This material will help greatly to reduce heat and improve sleep. Read: How to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours

While falling asleep:

1. If you have a fan available, it is possible to encourage airflow with a fan and, therefore, cool down the room. It is important to remember not to point the fan directly at your body as this may cause muscles to stiffen.

2. If you still find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, simply flip your pillow to the opposite side as this side will be cooler than the side that you were lying on, this will help you not only to fall asleep again easier but also to sleep for longer.

3. Another good tip for waking up in the middle of the night is to keep a spray bottle next to the side of the bed filled with water if you wake up mist yourself down so as to cool down.

  • October 16, 2021
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