How to choose between Memory Foam vs Inner Spring mattresses

When it comes to sleeping, comfort is mandatory and only the right kind of mattress can do wonders. You need to do a lot of research before you buy a new mattress so that you have a good nights sleep. Now if you are in a fix, which one to choose, the memory or the spring type mattress, here is a competitive analysis.

How to choose between Memory Foam vs Inner Spring mattresses

Memory foam mattress

It’s been quite some time that the memory foam mattress began gaining popularity but initially these used to retain a decent amount of heat causing discomfort while sleeping. Now it’s known as the gel memory foam and this problem does not exist anymore. Due to the gel, the memory foam is designed in a special way so that it remains cool all the time. Now that the memory foam is so popular, it’s because of the immense comfort level. Take a look at its salient features:

  • The memory foam distributes the body weight very evenly maintaining the right amount of pressure and balance.
  • Maintaining the correct posture helps in relieving from body pains
  • This type of mattress does not sag, it maintains its shape.
  • A lot of people have the notion that foam is soft but a memory foam mattress is a firm one, helping to maintain the shape of your body.
  • These come with a 20 years warranty and have a longer shelf life.
  • When it comes to foam, there is no bounce or transfer of motion. It is great because you don’t feel the jerk if anyone gets up from beside you while you are in slumber.
  • It is hypoallergenic because dust mites cannot live inside the solid foam.

Memory foams are a bit expensive and the rest depends on the brand you are shopping from. All the materials needed to manufacture are expensive and it’s worth paying for a great product.  Do not settle for poor quality foams or else you might have to deal with pungent smelling foams.  These mattresses depend on your body temperature and if there is lack of airflow, you experience sweaty back.

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Innerspring mattress

An innerspring mattress is made from a simple pocket coil system that is wrapped in a high-quality fabric. It’s pretty easy to manufacture this type of mattress and this is why it’s inexpensive. Yes, the prices vary with the quality because, for some models, comfy foam pillow tops offer added luxury and comfort. Here are the factors that set spring mattress apart:

  • It’s like one mattress fits all; it does not depend on body contours.
  • The delivery does not happen compactly, it needs to be delivered on top of a vehicle.
  • The coils put a pressure so it can sometimes aggravate ache
  • Shorter lifespan as it sags very easily mainly from body weight.
  • In case your spring mattress does not have a pillow top; you must flip it on a regular basis to keep it in proper condition.
  • They last for maximum 6-7 years
  • These are not hypoallergenic because the sack is made from polyester and there space in-between is empty creating a place for dust mites.

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According to the study, you get a hint that memory foam is preferred by most homeowners. There are so many stores from where you can shop online and they would deliver it to your doorstep in a nice and compact package. For best maintenance, rotate memory foam mattresses once in every six months. There are companies that offer sleep trails for the best experience. Once these memory foams had a very high pricing but now with a lot of demand, the price has dropped. You can refer to various websites or read reviews online. Whether you would choose usual spring mattress or the modern memory foam, according to the experts, you should replace the mattress after every eight to nine years to maintain the condition and right hygiene.

According to Better Sleep Council, a top-notch mattress should offer 8-10 years comfortable sleep. You simply cannot ignore the requirement of a good mattress while sleeping because you spend 30% of the life while sleeping. A high-quality mattress is important for children, elderly and babies. Now that you have a better understanding of both mattress types, choose the one that you feel is best. Gear up, do any amount of research to choose the right mattress for your home.


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