How to choose Best Stick Vacuum

Cleaning your home is difficult and while an upright vacuum cleaner does help, it’s heavy, cumbersome and difficult to handle on an everyday basis. The stick vacuum is the solution to all these problems because it’s a versatile, lightweight and affordable vacuum.

It can clean most flooring, reach under furniture and even clean nooks and crevices because they are easily maneuverable and moved around. They also need less storage space, produce minimal noises when in use and easy to use and clean.

With so many benefits associated with these vacuums, you will naturally prefer using this for your everyday cleaning. However, with so many models and types of stick vacuums or electric brooms in the market, it’s worth knowing the important features to look out for the best stick vacuum.

Buying guide for the best stick vacuum.

How to choose Best stick Vacuum 2020

Corded or cordless

Both the corded and cordless vacuums have their individual pros and cons. While the battery powered and rechargeable cordless stick vacuums don’t require a power point, you have to remember to keep them charged so that they have sufficient battery power for your cleaning work.

The unit should also have some sort of battery indicator that tells you how much battery power is remaining. It’s really frustrating to start cleaning only to find your battery drained within a few minutes’ of use.

And while the corded vacuums may leave you connected to an outlet, they let you clean continuously. However, do make sure the cord is long enough for you to clean your room without repeatedly stopping to plug the cord in different sockets. Your cleaning will take lots more time if you have to repeatedly stop for this.


Vacuums with HEPA filtration are always a better choice, especially if there’s someone at home with allergies. These filters retain all the microscopic dust and debris in the canister instead of sending it back into the atmosphere.


Size here relates to the vacuum’s dirt cup size and not its actual size. Electric brooms have a small storage footprint however its dirt canister varies in size between models and brands. Larger canisters let you clean more before needing any cleaning. So if you have larger cleaning areas, a vacuum with a larger canister is always better.


While stick vacuums are cheaper than traditional ones, they do vary in size based on the features they offer. So check to ensure you buy an electric broom you can afford by buying a unit carrying only your necessary features.


As stick vacuums are an important investment, you need to choose a good-quality piece manufactured by a trustworthy and reputed company. Their products are generally long-lasting and will serve you for many years.

It’s worth going through online reviews to see what other customers have to say about the electric broom. Avoid products with too many bad reviews because there’s definitely some problem with it.

Flooring requirements

It is true that electric brooms can clean most floor surfaces. However, they give best results on hard floors like hardwood, laminate, and tiles while those with a motorized brush work well on carpets.

Choose your electric broom-based for your home’s flooring types. The best stick vacuums clean various floor types and if there are carpets, choose one that can clean these carpets. Some can only clean medium or low pile carpets and are not meant for all houses.


You should be able to comfortably use, and carry the stick vacuum from one spot to another. While electric brooms are not heavy, weight is a factor to consider if someone elderly, with health problems or disabled, will be using it.


If you don’t have much storage space, look for a versatile vacuum that can also be converted and used as a hand vacuum. It saves your money and time.

Suction power

Your electric broom should have sufficient suction power because it is annoying to vacuum your floor and then turning to find out that 45% of the area is still dirty.

Vacuum runtime

The vacuum’s runtime is important because it should clean as much you require on a single charge. If you plan to use it for spot cleaning, look for an electric broom with at least 15-min runtime.


You may prefer a unit with a handle that easily rotates as required while cleaning. As cleaning the furniture is rather difficult, select a vacuum that turns 180 degrees to help you clean these spots without moving furniture around. Even the body should easily fit into tight spaces like under the bed and easily clean extremities and corners.

Easily reach and clean boundaries and corners

One of the main reasons to buy an electric broom is to clean hard-to-reach sides and corners. Different brands have different features to help you with this, so choose the vacuum with your desired accessory. Some may have brushes that easily clean boundaries while others have funnels that easily pick up dirt from all the corners and borders using the help of suction.


Stick vacuums don’t have many accessories, but some do have a few worth considering. Choose the best stick vacuum based on your required accessories. For example, if you have lots of cleaning in high places, buy a vacuum that can be lengthened. A narrow nozzle is useful for cleaning through tight spaces like around dining furniture while broad nozzles mean fewer passes while cleaning up large rooms.


If your pets tend to shed hairs, leaving you with lots of pet hair to remove, then choose a vacuum with a pet-hair picking brush or attachment.

Now you know what features to consider while buying an electric broom, it’s time for you to assess YOUR vacuuming requirements. You have to chose the best stick vacuum based on how and what you plan to be using it the most.

For example, if you have more carpets than a vacuum that vacuums all types of carpets is a better choice and if you have lots of furniture to clean around and under, the best stick vacuum for you is one with accessories and attachments to keep your home clean!


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