How many calories do you burn while you sleep?

Did you know that your brain remains highly active while you’re in deep sleep which is also known as REM sleep? Often your brain is more active in these periods than when you are awake. This is because it is storing all the data or “memories” of the day into our long term memory “storage” and getting ready for the next day.

Everything, of course, requires a source of energy to function, luckily for us, our energy comes in the form of food which our body digests into the basic ingredients. One of which is glucose. During the entire sleeping process, our body is consistently producing glucose to provide energy for our thoughts.

How many calories do you burn while you sleep

There is a more or less accurate way to figure out the total amount of calories that you burn while you are sleeping. Generally, the weight of the person, as well as the number of hours that she / he sleeps, determines the number of calories that you will burn. Approximately 0.42 calories are burnt for every pound in one hour worth of sleep, this is, at least, the norm.

As an example, this means that if a person weighs a total of 150 lb, he/she will burn an average of 63 calories per hour of sleep. So if that person slept for a total of 8 hours. He/she will have burnt an approximate total of 503 calories.

Setting a routine pattern is essential in order to ensure that you burn the optimal amount of calories every night. This can easily be done through using an alarm clock and avoiding the snooze button. As nice as it feels to hit snooze and roll over for an extra 5 minutes of sleepy time, this period has more chance to disrupt your REM sleep and provide a more negative than positive extra few minutes of sleep.

A few tips to help you to ensure that you have a higher chance of achieving the state of REM sleep:

  • Stop exercising at least 4 hours before sleep, if you feel the need to than Yoga is suggested.
  • Avoid alcohol, although it may help you to fall asleep, it will not promote REM sleep, in fact, it will hinder it. This causes a disruption in the balance of the calories that you are burning while you sleep.

If you find during the day, that you are struggling to remain awake, instead of destroying your routine by going to sleep early, try to grab an afternoon nap. Although it is suggested to keep these naps between 15-20 minutes so that you do not struggle to fall asleep when it’s bedtime.

Sleeping is a large contributor to weight loss. Achieving the correct amounts of quality deep sleep will help ensure that you are burning the correct amount of calories. Helping you to maintain or lose weight. This will also lead to a healthier lifestyle, with a more positive touch on your day, every day.

  • January 16, 2022
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