Helix Mattress Review: Discount Coupon Code

Helix Mattress Review 2020

Best cutting-edge mattress technology has been implemented for making each piece of mattress exclusively personalized. One construction is built to fit two sleeper’s preferences. The product is received within 14 working days after order and without any cost. The materials used in production of this mattress include 10” premium quality. Helix Dynamic Foam, micro-coils, & high-grade polyurethane foam that is certified under CeritPUR-US. It is constructed via gathering details of the customer in order to make the product extremely customized.Helix Mattress Review 2020

The areas of concern that the Helix are covered about are Feel, Support, Temperature and elasticity at points. All these points are considered when manufacturing a custom design.

The mattress has brought about dual options for sleepers and each of the options has their own benefits. These are blended and dual comfort designs. The blended product combines all the answers provided for each of the sleeping partners in to a single product. The dual product creates two halves of the mattress merged into a single product.

The blended option is cheaper as the user will have to compromise on many issues like relief of pressure, comfort level difference for the partners etc. If the sleep quiz answers vary in perspective of various required level of comfort and support requirement, then it is recommended that the user should spend an additional buck of $150 and purchase the dual comfort product which is supposed to give more worth to investment.

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On selecting the dual option, the user will be able to get access the individual persist that the partners to the bed occupy in their sleep preference. The dual feature mattress will be able to get a product in which all the individual needs are considered. The mattress here under consideration provides the facilities offered by a dual option mattress.

There are two main aspects that are considered while any mattress product is taken under consideration. These are density and indentation load deflection. These two numbers is helpful in accessing the right extent of durability and firmness.

The mattress has been composed of three layers of foam. One is Helix Dynamic Foam at the top, Micro-coils at the middle and High-grade poly-foam base at the lowest. A beautiful mix of all these layers has been doing well in alleviating thickness and placement of layers. The customization has also been geared towards coming up with the product that is best way matched with the user. The sleeping partner also gets advantage of the same. The variance of thickness may be between 2-4 inches.

When the user pushes down within the foam, the reaction is more than a memory and similar to latex foam. The reason is that it bounces back to the original form. There is reaction from the foam which also does not conform to memory foam when it concerns about the capacity of transferring heat. The company is committed to combine the better properties of both latex and memory foam. The foam responds well to motion transfer too. Thus, partners in bed will feel no disturbance when other partner may have a postponement in sleeping.

Point elasticity is another feature of the memory foam. This refers to the capacity to provide perfect spine alignment and thereby reducing the pressure points. If your answer to the quiz relating to pressure points is positive, then the instant referral will go to this very mattress.


  • The product offer healing solution for back problems and other aches
  • Best customer service is experienced
  • Off-gassing range is minimum after un-boxing
  • Best night rest and nap is assured
  • The product is offered with a limited 10-year warranty


  • Softness variation is often prejudiced
  • Covering is not up to mark.

Helix Mattress Discount Coupon Code

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Helix Mattress Discount Coupon Code

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