Bostitch air compressor reviews

Do you know why the Bostitch brand so popular among the masses? Apart from a few significant colors, the organization can also feature that they have an amazing range of tools for use with their air compressors. When it comes to compatibility, very few organizations have such an evident past record with not just their own tools but also other brands. So, in case you are unsure about buying a Bostitch air compressor, take your look at the top three Bostitch air compressor reviews which we have mentioned below. This guide will surely help you make a smart buying decision.

Top Select Bostitch Air Compressor Product Reviews:

Bostitch air compressor reviews


BOSTITCH 6 gallon air compressor and Compressor Combo Kit

Pondered one of the best models and high-priced items on our list, the BOSTITCH BTFP3KIT features so many things which are state-of-the-art. You can determine on different versions incorporating the compressor by itself, the 3-Tool and Compressor combine with this air compressor. It is not lacking in power as it’s a 6 gallon 150 PSI pancake model. Its motor is designed for lasting for many years so it won’t make an issue for you. This unit’s power should do with the tools which come included, in case you want to opt for the kit. Every tool is valuable, even if you already have them from other brands. In fact, a few of them can surprise you with the functionality changes which are made for functioning better on this specific compressor.

Its 18 GA brad nailer can tackle 18 GA brad nails efficiently for all kinds of highly performing applications. In case you are handling a pair of projects which could utilize a boost, never let the fact that it’s a combined tool which can fool you regarding its capacities. The 16 GA straight finish nailer is similarly strong and can deal with all heavy-duty applications proficiently. In a nutshell, it’s a set of optimized tools which won’t get sufficient coverage. Ensure to get your preferred combo kit since BOSTITCH BTFP3KIT comes with some lovely features.


  • The SB-1850BN 18GA Brad Nailer proficiently tackles 18GA brad nails for all of the high-performing applications.
  • The SB-1664FN 16GA Straight Finish Nailer tackles 16-gauge finish nails and handles all brads of nails efficiently.
  • Features the ¼” x 25’ PVC air hose with fittings.
  • The BTFP71875 HD 3/8” crown stapler packs more power than normally sized tools of its size.
  • The BTFP02012 6 gallon 150 PSI 2.6SCFM pancake compressor comes with a highly proficient motor.

BOSTITCH 1.2 Gallon Oil-Free High-Output Trim Compressor

The BOSTITCH CAP1512-OF is a less expensive choice and is quite different from others on our list. This small unit features a 1.2-gallon tank which may be or may not be chosen by some buyers. This must not be pondered as a prime air compressor unit but instead as an emergency or backup unit. For that reason it is incredible, with its oil-free pump can tackle 150 PSI from several tools. This will be an amazing unit for keeping around while your primary one is getting recharged. This is a handy tool for doing touchup work with assignments which are going to be finished. It has a powerful motor at 2.0 HP and just utilizes 12 AMPs to start up. So, it alone can appear as a great and budget-friendly substitute for a portable air compressor.

In case you are in your house which has less than idea circuit shields, this small unit will do its task properly without switching off the whole house. It weighs just 23.5lbs and comes with a comfortable grip as well. With its integrated roll cage design, every essential part of the compressor is safeguarded from damages. You can use it in high-stress ambiance with other topnotch compressors if required.


  • Its powerful motor (1.5 HP at running and 2.0 HP at peak) can draw 12 AMPs for a simple start up with no tripping circuit breakers.
  • Its top-notch oil-free pump supplies 2.8 CFM at 90 PSI and 150 PSI ultimate working pressure for multiple finish tool use.
  • This tool’s 1.2-gallon compact design weighs just 23.5 pounds for simple portability.
  • It features an integrated control panel with roll cage which safeguards gauges from the jobsite damage.
  • It boasts LED ON/OFF switch that helps a user know when it is on for reducing low-pressure blunders.

BOSTITCH 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor

The 17” x 17” x 19.2” BOSTITCH U/BTFP02012 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor is an amazing choice which generates 78.5 dBA functional noise level for less noise in any work ambiance. This unit weighs just 29 pounds. The users of this unit simply love that it is incredible at supplying the targeted 150 maximum PSI and 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI; however, we must consider that it can be quite difficult to regulate pressure at the lower levels.The powerful pump of this pancake compressor is equipped for a long lifespan and comes maintenance and oil free. Its high-flow regulator, as well as couplers, are made for extending air tool functionality with 2 universal couplers for assisting at least 2 users easily. These couplers are inclined to the standpipe, to stop changing and you can remove its console cover for enabling simple repair of controls. This unit also provides a convenient cord wrap for simple storage.

This 6-gallon pancake compressor is really an excellent choice in case you are searching for a sturdily made and properly designed air compressor. Usually, users ponder this item a must buy. They simply in love with its fast refill and quick start up to 150 PSI. In addition to this, users prefer that it’s convenient to carry and maintains pressure properly while used continuously. According to the users, this tool is pretty noiseless than other compressor models of its size.


  • It weighs 29 pounds and its narrow tank diameter makes it easy to store as well as carry.
  • Features BOSTITCH couplers and high-flow regulator for extending air tool functionality.
  • Boasts only 78.5 dBA usage noise level for a silent work ambiance.
  • It has a maintenance and oil-free pump with a longer lifespan.
  • 2.6 SCFM and 150 PSI 6-gallon tank supplied at the 90PSI pump.


Buying an ideal Bostitch air compressor is not difficult after reading the aforementioned top 3 Bostitch air compressor reviews. This brand has been serving for many years and is loved by many people. It has some authentic buyers who love to use it continuously, whether they are at home or in their workplaces. In order to receive the maximum out of your Bostitch air compressor, ensure to get it from the right online platform. So, there you have it – the 3 best Bostitch air compressors of 2020. Don’t forget to maintain the compressor once you buy it for your use.


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