Best Tips for Selecting A Sleeping Mattress to Avoid Back Pain

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Best Tips for Selecting A Sleeping Mattress to Avoid Back Pain

Sleeping can only be beneficial to your body if you enjoy it and sleep well which to a great extent depends on the mattress that you sleep on. If you sleep on the wrong mattress, you can suffer from back pain or aggravate back pain that is already existing. With the right mattress, you get to sleep in a good posture and have a sound sleep that is relaxed. One of the best and greatest investments you can make as far as your house furniture is concerned is getting a good mattress that accommodates your sleeping posture. If your current mattress does not fit your posture, changing it would be a prudent decision and a great gift to yourself.

There is nothing like a perfect mattress for all but there is only a perfect mattress for your body type, sleeping posture and back problem or pain, if you suffer from any. So, how do you choose the best mattress for yourself that meets your need and gives you a relaxed sleep? The following tips can guide you:

Different types of mattresses for different types of sleepers

There exist several types of the sleeper and each type has a different type of mattress that suits them. The following are the types of sleeper s and the ideal mattress for each type:

Stomach sleepers –these people get used to this sleeping position due to back pain. The best type of mattress that suits them is a firm mattress.

Side sleepers – these people rest their body on their hip and shoulder. The best mattress that fits side sleepers is a soft one, so as to act as a cushion to the hip and the shoulder.

Back sleepers-they need a mattress that is both hard and soft. The best mattress to meet the requirement is a medium-firm mattress.

Crucial tips for buying a mattress to avoid back pain

Avoid going for a firm mattress if you have back pain

Do you suffer from back pain or you are averting it? Well, you would do yourself great good by keeping off a firm mattress. The best choice for you would be a medium firm mattress. A mattress with extra firmness puts additional pressure on the back, eventually resulting in more back pain.

Let your body type guide you

Before you can get down to making the decision of purchasing the best type of mattress, you should consider your body type. Are your body tall or short, bottom heavy or top heavy or lightweight? It is very critical to get a mattress that is well suited to support your body type. It is irrelevant to get a firm, soft or a medium firm mattress if it does not adequately support your body type.

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Do not take Price as a determinant of quality

While choosing the best mattress to buy that is best for your body type, friendly to your back and favorable for your sleeping position, you should not take price as a primary factor to influence your decision. A mattress may be expensive yet not be the most suitable for you. The capacity of a mattress to save you from back pain is dependent on the technology behind its making. It then goes without saying that a mattress that is friendly to your back and meets other needs may be cheap or expensive but in no way is the price an indicator of the benefit it will offer you and specifically your back.

Seek professional advice

The best point from which to start is by understanding the cause of your back pain or body pain so you can easily determine the most appropriate mattress to buy. You should get the answer to questions such as -why did you experience the back pain, how did the pain come about? With the right professional assistance, you should be in a position to answer those questions and make the decision of which mattress to go for to take care of your problem.

Buy the mattress at the best time

Among all the tips, this may be the best and most useful as far as saving some cash is concerned. There are reliable reports that indicate that the new models for mattresses normally get to the shops between May and September. As such, it is in that period that you stand to get some of the greatest deals on mattresses thus should plan to go buying your best mattress for your back around that period.

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Some popular mattress types to give a thought

Air mattress- this mattress offers special comfort and support as it allows you to adjust it to the level of firmness that you feel is suitable for you and gives you the optimum comfort.

Specialty foam mattress

This kind of mattress uses foam to imitate your body type and offer a lot of support. The mattress use foams such as polyurethane, latex, and memory.

Adjustable mattress

Adjustable beds are the best investment that persons who experience pain in various body parts can make for themselves. The beauty of this type of bed is that you can adjust it to take care of the body part experiencing pain at the specific instance.

Innerspring mattress

This kind of mattress has numerous springs, paddings, and coils. Its firmness level is dependent on the strength of its constituent springs and paddings.


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