Top 10 Best Platform Bed Frame Mattress Under $1000

The use of platform beds have more convenient these days. One of the prime reasons is that these beds require no mattress foundation or box spring. Thus, an additional space is generated under the bed that can be put to several uses. These beds are available in a squat of sizes. Some could be box-framer shape or some are wider that creates a sleek border around.

Top 10 Best Platform Bed Frame Mattress Under $1000 2018:

Best Platform Bed Frame Mattress 2018

Wooden Platform Bed Frame and Headboard / Modern and Contemporary / Rustic and Reclaimed Style / Old World / Solid Wood

This product belongs to queen sizes and occupied with a solid wooden bed frame and headboard. The finish with Jacobean wooden stain has brought about an additional attraction in get-up. The headboard is being distinguished for its rusticated approach. The mosaic pattern is absolutely adorned. Such a beautiful get-up is sure to draw the attention and there is no wonder that such a product will get maximum positive reviews. A genuine splash woody flair is being experienced with the Fir lumber that imparts the product with an additional rigidity. The side rails, built with solid sugar pine, extend the required support to the sides.


  • Available in a consort of sizes
  • Known to provide sturdy support for firm base
  • Offered at best prices


  • The product is hidden at the top by the mattress

Platform Bed Frame – Made in the USA w/ 100% North American Pine Wood – Solid Mattress Foundation w/Pressed Pine Slats – Tool-Free Assembly – King

The product has been made with Solid North American pine wood. The product is equipped with a 7-layer pressed pine wooden slats. The pieces of constituents require assembling. The assembling can be performed within minute. The level of raw material that is used in the product has eliminated the need for any box spring or mattress foundation. Thus, ample space could be generated under the frame that can be used for keeping belongings. Use of top grade stainless steel material has built up the strength, while walnut stain has brought about the attractiveness.


  • Brilliant for back position
  • Relies highly on wooden panels for support
  • Offered at similar price to box spring beds


  • The product causes issues for people with bending knees

Wood Platform Bed Frame | California King Size | Cal King | Modern Wooden Design | Solid Wood | Made in U.S. | Easy Assembly | Walnut

The particular bed frame has been manufactured to fit in California mattress in discrimination. The beautiful hand-made product has been liked from all parts of the world; since made exclusively in USA, all the rules can be rest assured to conform with. The making with North American Pine that has a wonderful stain of walnut wood has brought about a distinguished class approach to the product. Like any other steel frame, this product also does not require any box spring box or mattress foundation; thereby creating ample space for storage for the décor. Assembly is required, but is easy as use of no tool is involved.


  • Beds are adored for their beautiful getup
  • Adored for various styles
  • Use of pine wood has brought about the additional gorgeousness


  • The product causes issues for high lined people

The Frame Gold Brushed Steel Frame Platform Metal Bed Frame/Mattress Foundation, No Boxspring Needed, Wooden Slat Support, King, 14″ H

The product has been made attractive with the adorned bed frame that is brushed with gold. Since there is no need for any box spring or mattress foundation, there will be ample space under the frame which can be used as storage for valuables for décor. The slats made of steel have endured structured support for a mattress. The product is further equipped with a 2.5 inch wide wooden birch laminated support slats. These slats are kept 3 inch apart from each other for rendering of a perfect level of support. The product is shipped with each portion separately loaded; thus, assembly is required. But, here assembly means nudging of knobs that can be done by a single person within a minute.


  • On removal of mattress , the space available can be used for storage purpose
  • Sturdy construction extends amiable help to mattress
  • Available extra space allow to perform some additional tasks


  • The thinness of mattress is often prejudiced

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Zinus 12 Inch Wood Platform Bed Frames / No Boxspring Needed / Wood Slat support / Cherry Finish, Twin

The frame has an ideal height of 12 inches. The height is further accumulated with the height of frame that measured at 3.5 inches. The use of wooden frame does not imply to be used with a headboard or footboard. Since the frame needs no box spring or mattress foundation, there will be 11 inches high space generation that can be utilized for keeping of belongings. The sturdy construction of the frame has been imparted with the unmatched quality steel used as making of this product. The steel frame has been given a protective augmentation with the foam pads. These pads also add noise-free quality to the frame.


  • More space is generated in room
  • Use of additional bunk has helped to create more space
  • Bottom bunk thus can be used to keep belongings


  • The changing of sheets is a hard job

The Purple Platform Base – Mattress Foundation, Platform Bed Frame, Box Spring Replacement, Quiet Noise-Free, Maximum Under-bed Storage, Queen

The steel frame has the better characteristics of resisting sagging. The steel in its pure form is a natural anti-sagging element. Use of steel has thus been a benevolent for the owners too. Non-existence of any sagging element has thus caused the user to feel better. The base of the mattress has been made free of noise and squeaks since it has been incorporated with foam pads. The foam pad has also an ingenuous property of hypo-allergenic pattern. All these qualities in unison can provide undisturbed and comfortable sleep for baby kittens. The sturdy construction causes the frame to stay longer.


  • Helps to create additional space
  • The additional space can be used to accommodate another mattress
  • Makes exclusive space for the sleepers


  • Not suitable for kids

Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Tight Top iCoil Spring Mattress and Metal Platform Bed Frame Set, Full

The product has been pre-occupied with independently operating coils. These coils are responsible for the quick responsive and highly supportive sleeping experience to the user. The partners who sleep in a single bed are also assured of non-disturbance by the motion and toss of the other partner. This unique property has helped the mattress to gain an additional popularity. The superlative quality of materials has been indexed to bring the additional life to the mattress. The components are required to assemble and that has been easy too. Since, there is no requirement of any box spring or mattress foundation, the space generated under the frame is utilized in keeping valuable kits of the décor.


  • Adequate space is generated when the mattress is removed
  • The additional spade can be used to perform personal work
  • Best and abrasive construction provides improved solidarity


  • Climbing up and down may be problematic for some users

Best Price Mattress Model H Easy Set-Up Steel Platform Bed/Steel Bed Frame, King, Black

The product has earned the authentication for the making of total steel construction. It has also been able to create ample positive reviews in its favor. The use of authoritative steel has offered the product the required solidarity. It has been ample with providing of an additional life span to the product. The company is committed to provide a restful sleep to the users of mattress. Thus, anti-allergen variety of stainless steel is used in manufacturing this product. No-use of box spring and mattress foundation has helped the product to generate additional space under the frame which can be used as storage for valuables.


  • Provision of raised head helps to relief from  respiratory isuues
  • Acid reflux is also cured
  • Comfort is increased with the contouring capacity of the foam in the mattress


  • Prejudiced for high price and weight

Zinus 18 Inch Premium SmartBase Mattress Foundation / 4 Extra Inches high for Under-bed Storage / Platform Bed Frame / Box Spring Replacement / Strong / Sturdy / Quiet Noise-Free, Twin

The product has been mostly highlighted with the use of authentic 18 inch smart base. This kind of portion has been created as there is no need for box spring. This underlying vacant has been utilized in keeping of valuables by the users. The use of superior quality stainless steel has been ample in providing enough strength to the product. The product has been further accentuated with the low-stress property. The components are shipped in separate and thus they are needed to assemble. The process of assembling requires no tools. The product has folding capacity and thus they can be put to an easy storage.


  • Available space has been used with efficiency
  • Sturdy construction has helped to increase life-span
  • Resisting to accumulation of dirt and growth of allergens


  • Prejudiced for high price
  • Heavy to move frequently

Stella Metal Platform Bed Frame – Modern, Finish – Thick and Wide Slats – Black

The product is distinguished for its ability to provide strong and durable solid support for mattress irrespective of variety. The body-weight is helped by the frame to undergo an even distribution that accentuates a good night’s sleep. The product is most liked among the new generation people for its capacity to infuse trendy styles. The contemporary appeal simply enhances the décor. The company is committed to provide its users with top quality nap and that is ensured with the metal frame that prevents sliding and wobbling of mattress. The product can be used best in space like guest rooms, modern and minimalist room design, loft livings etc.


  • Spine gets adequate support from this bed
  • Extremely proof from water penetration
  • No accumulation of dirt and growth of allergen is impossible


  • Motion isolation is not ample and thus prejudiced

Type of Mattress

  • Latex Mattress
  • Memory Foam Mattress as Zinus, Lucid, Tuft And Needle or Signature Sleep at Community Counts website
  • Travel Mattress
  • Air Mattress
  • Mattress Topper


The use of metal frame is a mandatory for mattress as it prevents generation of allergens and mites. The person has thus been able to enjoy a restful sleep. The products discussed above have one property in common that they provide enough support to mattresses through the inimitable metal slats that imparts rigidity and longevity to the product as well as the mattress.


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