Best Miracle Bamboo Pillow 2018: Reviews and Guide

The pillows are claimed to feature with an outer shell made of viscose fabric that is derived from a particular variety of bamboo characterized by its strength. These fabrics are softer than even cotton; these provide natural heat dissipation and blessed with antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties. This type of pillows does also claim to combine three pillows into one. A firm, supported being folded in half, medium support when laid flat and a soft pillow that can be used for reading or watching television.

Top 9 Best Miracle Bamboo Pillow Collection Reviews:

Miracle Bamboo Pillow Collection

CozyCloud Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, Queen

The use of original cozy cloud design has been characterized with the beautiful conforming capacity to individual sizes. The product has seen to fit all sleeping positions. The feather named cozy cloud is one of the newest feathers which resemble high density memory foam which is known to provide superior luxurious softness and rendering absolute cooling effects. The cover sent along with the product is made of 40% viscose of bamboo, and the rest portion is made with natural breathable polyester. Best possible airflow exchange has made the pillow cool and the user gets best restful sleeping experience.


  1. The product and the cover is made in USA
  2. The cover is soft and breathable
  3. The foam used in production of this pillow is supremely hypoallergenic
  4. Use of dust mites resistant technology has made the product free from any moisture


  1. The purchasers are warned about any imitation produce.

Z Zoned Dough Memory Foam Bed Pillow Infused with Bamboo Charcoal – 5-year Warranty – Queen

The product has been manufactured by using special formula called Z dough memory foam. Use of this formula has been enabled to produce superiorly therapeutic foam that can eliminate all sleeping pains. Best moisture regulation is possible with the use of bamboo charcoal. This special charcoal has also been useful in making control over thermal capacitance. The product exhibits one of the best open cell constructions. Such construction has paved way for durability and resiliency.


  1. The use of zoned dough technology enables maximum supportive features
  2. Product is provided with an alluring cover that imparts gorgeousness
  3. The cover is washable thus provides longevity to the product


  1. The purchasers are warned about any imitation produce.
  2. The price offered is comparatively high

Thin Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow – Double Contour – Chiropractor Approved – Washable Soft Bamboo Cover – Great for Neck Pain, Sleeping (Thin Profile)

The product uses foam which is designed with special density. Besides, these foams also render orthopedic support. The particular orthopedic design has been made by a chiropractor. The exceeding support and comfort provide with this special feature has enables the sleeper to enjoy a restful sleep. The low profile design has been made with smaller necks. The foam used in the pillow is free from any heavy metal, formaldehyde or VOC-emitting contamination.


  1. The bamboo cover provides breathability to the product
  2. The cover is soft, cuddly and machine washable
  3. Product is exclusively made in USA
  4. The foam used are all natural hypoallergenic and anti-microbial


  1. The purchasers often complain of mild off-gassing
  2. Use of non-toxic material have been proved fake in some products

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Combination Shredded Memory Foam Full Body Pillow With Kool-Flow Breathable Cooling Hypoallergenic Pillow Covering – Fits 20 x 54 inch Body Pillow Cases & Covers

The product is characterized with the beautiful combination of shredded memory foam. This style has debarred the pillow from going flat. The memory foam used in the pillow has been exclusively made in USA. The foams are all known for its ability to provide support to cervices and shoulder. This quality has made this foam an automatic prescription for healing of neck and shoulder aches. No heavy metal or formaldehyde as well as other chemical is used in making of this product.


  1. Best suited for stomach and side sleepers
  2. Product can be spread out for wider support
  3. Thicker support is available with lower profile stretch
  4. The cover is extremely breathable and washable too.


  1. The mild off-gassing experienced may be due to use of polyester cover

Coop Home Goods – PREMIUM Adjustable Loft – Shredded Hypoallergenic Certipur Memory Foam Pillow with washable removable cooling bamboo derived rayon cover –King

The use of combined shredded memory foam has been helpful in resisting the pillow from being flat. The customary comfort can be, adjusted with the addition or removal of foam from the pillow. The proper has been made cooler with keeping of space for better air circulation. The result is having a restful cooling sleep. The product has been adored particularly for its ability to allow proper alignment of spine resulting deep and comfortable nap.


  1. The cover eludes breathability as rayon fabric is infused in it
  2. The entire product is made in USA
  3. No harmful chemical is used in the manufacturing
  4. All the foams are certified by proper authority and tested in the authenticated labs.


  1. The price offered for the product is higher in comparison to contemporaries

CustomSleeping Snuggle Full Body Pillow – LUXURY N Squishy with PREMIUM Memory Foam & Gel Fiber, COOL Bamboo Plush Hypoallergenic COVER – Side Sleepers, SLEEP on a CLOUD! Perfect for Pregnancy

The product is known for providing best quality support available from the premium filter. The blend of cluster fiber and the bamboo rayon cover brings out tenderness under skin. This snuggle body pillow ism designed to support all sleeping positions. The inside has been made with superior quality gel fiber that is highly moldable according to shape of the users. The product has been made uniquely for supporting issues in pregnancy. Despite soft touch, the product offers strong support to hips and healing touch for aches.


  1. The product is exclusively made in USA
  2. All the materials are certified  by CertiPUR-US
  3. The foam are all naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mites


  1. The maternity support has sometimes has been prejudiced

Pillows for Sleeping, Hypoallergenic Bed Pillow for Side Sleeper – ADJUSTABLE Loft Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow – Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover, Washable – Premium – MADE IN THE USA – KING

The product can be made customized with simple add or removal of some fills from the pillow. The organization that surveys review position has rated the product among the best ones. All the foams used in the product are assured to meet the stringent standard for emissions, contents and effective durability. The contents of fibers used In the product are comprised of best quality shredded memory foam. These foams resist the pillow from being lumpy and flat.


  1. The product material does not contain any harmful ingredients
  2. It is ideal for all sleeping positions
  3. The density of fibers is maintained throughout
  4. Known to support back, neck and spinal alignment


  1. Customers are warned about cheap imitation products.
  2. Mild off-gassing may also be experienced

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Combination With Adjustable Fit and Zipper Removable Kool-Flow Breathable Cooling Hypoallergenic Pillow Cover (Standard)

The beautiful combination of shredded memory foam will prevent the pillow from going flat. The cover associated with the product is adored for its superior quality luxury feels. The cover is micro-vented and allows free passage of air. The passage of air has made the pillow a cooler one and the sleeper is endowed with a restful sleeping experience. The better conforming shape has been able to provide orthopedic support to the user. All the materials used in the product are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mite growth.


  1. The constituents in the product does not include any heavy metal, ozone depletes or harmful ingredients.
  2. All the materials are appropriately certified under CertiPUR-US.
  3. The product is exclusively made in USA
  4. The thickness can be easily adjusted by addition or removal of fibers.


  1. Personalized customization has often been prejudiced

Xtreme Comforts – Slim Hypoallergenic Bamboo Shredded Certipur Memory Foam Pillow with Super Soft Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Dust Mite Resistant Machine Washable Bamboo Cover – Made In USA – King

Sweethome – the renowned review survey organization based in USA has rated the product as one of the most reviewed product. The constituents include best quality shredded memory foam. This material will never allow the product to become lumpy and go flat. Thus, the uniformity in density is maintained. The beautiful capacity of the foam to perfectly contour to body shape is served to bring about best support to neck and shoulder positions. Such conformity allows for perfect sleep at night.


  1. The shredded foam can maneuver and mold the pillow to make it support all types of sleeping
  2. The materials in the product do not contain any harmful ingredient
  3. Promotes superior back, neck and spine alignment
  4. Supports healing of neck and shoulder aches


  1. Customers must check the name of the manufacturer before purchasing


The memory foam provides all unmatched comfort for all the users. Though there are possibility to retain heat, but allowance for free passage of air has made the pillow cool and the user is able to have restful sleep. The healing touch for spinal and cervical issues has also been adored. The price may be an issue, but need knows to hindrance.


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