Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

A memory foam mattress and a topper for the same? Sounds weird. Essentially some genius decided to call it that because the topper is designed to ‘remember’ your presence. The material molds itself to your form while holding you horizontal, ideally flat. This setting lets you sleep like a baby and wake up with none of those terrible aches, pains, pulls, and stretches. You even breathe better and toss less.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

Sounds more like a miracle foam topper, if you ask us. Welcome to and Thao Julie where you have everything you need to know about these toppers under one comfortable roof. We will cover memory foam mattress topper reviews to help you choose the best memory foam mattress from the lot. We have included advantages, downsides, tips, recommendations, comparisons, and more.

We would hate to say right off the bat that a memory foam mattress and topper are two of the best investments you will ever make in your life, but it’s true. We plan to take you through a stage-wise process of proving that statement right here right now.

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Can’t I Be Comfortable With My Original Mattress Alone?

You get an especially distinct enhancement to comfort with a topper to go on a foam or ordinary mattress. Since you may have already invested in the mattress for its comfort and therapeutic capabilities, why not add to the experience. If this is a traditional mattress, all the more reason to use toppers to promote good sleep.

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  • A topper is something like a mattress set. It is not a cover or sheet.
  • Since other mattress sets for use with foam mattresses can get old fast, costing you money, toppers are cheap because they bring much more comfortable and last a whole lot longer.
  • Your body is not affected in any way because toppers are not in the business of creating pressure points that can lead to aches in the morning. They are scientifically designed with this in mind.
  • Plain mattresses can encourage soreness, aches, and pains. Toppers certifiably prevent them from happening.
  • Some people enjoy foam mattresses but, despite the heightened comfort, toss and turn at night. Topper’s help reduces or eliminates this scenario by infusing their own special brand of magic to the foamy goodness of the mattress itself. They support you ‘just right’ so you move around less.

Toppers round off the comfort of a foam mattress. Memory foam mattress toppers add extra softness too.

How Will I Know What To Choose?

How Will I Know What To Choose Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Perhaps shopping for memory foam mattresses itself left you winded, because of the newness of it all. History need not repeat with toppers. They are much simpler to shop for, once you know the basics.

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  • Thickness: If you have seen a memory foam mattress, you will notice how high it is; this is the same as saying how thick it is. The height ensconces comfort coils and other mattress innovations that make the product what it is; gives it the edge. With toppers, you have thicknesses in the 2-, 2½-, 3-, and 4-inch range. This means, aside from the current mattress height, these inches are added. The sensation and comfort levels need to be experienced to be fully appreciated.
  • Density: You may assume this is the same as thickness, but it is not. Comprising a topper’s density is its bulk, compactness, mass, AND thickness. Negative influence on pressure points and ideal support for your body are possible only if the density is high. The heat needs to be ideally distributed or you will sweat in your sleep. While 3 lbs. are the preferred density choice, a 4 lb. topper density is perfect for those suffering from chronic neck, joint, back, and head pains. Cubic inches, that’s the measure (example: 4 pounds of density per cubic inch = 4-density).
  • Materials: Those out there experiencing asthma or allergies will be glad to know that foam mattress toppers are hypoallergenic; they are safe. Bacteria, dust mites, and mold are given no room to thrive, the materials are supremely resistant even to wear and tear and oil and sweat is absorbed into the topper so you do not roll in slick.
  • Size: Whether you are in the market for a brand new mattress set or already have one that you do not want to part with, a topper has to suit the size. Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. These are your standard foam mattress sizes; there are others besides, depends on the model. Use the mattress’s height/thickness, extra bits here and there, size across its flat surface, and do not forget the doors too. Your mattress topper needs to pass through doors in your home to get to your bed and when it does arrive, it should fit the mattress. And do not get us started on portability between locations.
  • Layers: The varied comfort levels going into topper designs warrant a closer look. All the best memory foam mattress topper models have soft sinkable pillow tops, firm support especially if you sleep on your belly than flat, and flatter surface areas made using comfortable but stiff fabric. The layers going into toppers must also be plush enough to soothe aching limbs and keep them from aching in future. These layers perform magic on pressure points.
  • mmHg: The measure of pressure reaction, in this case, the topper’s to ambient pressure. Look for 32 mmHG. Such a topper relieves pressure and ensures few pressure points remain on the surface. A lot of your sleep comfort depends on this.
  • Indentation Load Deflection: This involves the varied layers that go into making a quality topper. If you can find one in the 10-16 range, you have struck quality. Most toppers are sold in this range anyway.

There are Three Types of Memory Foam

This section could do with a bit more detail, because of how the three different topper types out there can make all the difference to bedtime.

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a. Traditional

This one made its debut in the mid-1990s and is, as the name says, traditional in every sense of the word. There is nothing overly fancy, just the essential memory foam wonders.

b. Air Cooled

Memory foam has a tendency to take and store body heat. It should not really be doing this or you will sweat a lot, maybe even dehydrate, while sleeping. Then you will have to wake up at odd hours of the night for a drink of water to replenish lost stock. Pushing the warmth out of the material as it accumulates, air-cooled memory foam toppers let you sleep right. Some models come with open cell technology that detects and consequently distributes body heat. Air-cooled toppers do provide optimum body support.

c. Gel

Much like the gel, you find in sports shoes, this type of topper provides outstanding support, giving your joints and pressure points some much-needed firmness (quite high in density). Compared to traditional toppers, these are slightly more heavy-duty. And any and all bad posture problems are rid of.

Finally, you round off your topper checklist by going over warranties, discounts, and customer service. Topper shopping for foam mattresses is not that hard, in fact, it is all about indulging your sense of the practical. We now move to memory foam mattress under $200 Reviews.

Top 10 Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

Out of a set of toppers, here are ten that we handpicked for their versatility, money value, and sheer comfort. Go through them and make your selection.

1. Memory Foam Solutions 3-Inch Thick Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper

Ceasing any chance of tossing and turning, this firm yet incredibly soft topper from Memory Foam Solutions lives up to its repute.

  • The almost-instant change you will experience when this topper has been placed is eye-opening. It is quite supportive and levels out saggy portions of the mattress beneath.
  • There are no pressure points on this topper, they are evened out too. This means a restful sleep for you.
  • 4-pound density memory foam comprises the 3-inch thick topper and brings all the comfort you need.
  • The whole manufacturing process was ‘green’, safe and environment-friendly. It has even gone beyond PURGreen (CPSC and EPA) certification standards.
  • What type of topper is this? This is one of the best Gel memory foam mattress toppers you will find.
  • Affordability is as evenly balanced as the gel in this topper. It is not the cheapest in the collection but certainly one of those that bring value for money.

If you have an old spring mattress and fear going to bed for lack of sleeping in it, imagine what a topper can do to transform the experience. You have not bought a whole new mattress only the topper and yet you avail nearly all of the comfort and sound sleep potential required.

The three inches of memory foam get rid of any sagging or indentations. This topper does not need your body heat to fit to form, it does it all by itself. If you weigh somewhere around 160 lbs. and prefer sleeping on your back or side, this topper will be perfection.

One person is enough to wrap up the topper and move it between rooms or locations. It is easy to lug around and straighten. The padding adds bulk, so get sheets with a little ‘stretch’ in them. Otherwise, most sheets work fine.

2. Lucid Linenspa 2 Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

From open cell technology to beautifully relaxing airflow features, this is one topper that needs a closer look before you move along with shopping.

  • Be it pressure relief or comfort, the LUCID formula going into its make has this topper rising to most occasions.
  • On all its sides, the 1-inch height reduction actually serves to help you fit sheets over the topper, especially under the original mattress.
  • With 2 inches of premium memory foam going into its shapely appeal, this topper comes packing practicality and comfort.
  • In keeping with foam mattress tradition, this topper contours to form too. However, it does not cling to your body shape, meaning no lasting impressions on the topper when you leave the bed. Courtesy, open cell technology.
  • The topper stores none of your body heat, a scenario that will end up leaving you terribly uncomfortable a few hours into sleep. The ventilated design renders the topper breathable via an increase in airflow.
  •  It is as inexpensive as it is supremely comfortable.

Quality is not skipped with this topper, so do not assume the low cost means low performance. It is also rather lightweight and pliable; one person can handle the moving and unrolling. If you are wondering where to wrap the mattress cover, you can put it over both the topper and mattress.

A sumptuously thick and soft design has made this topper a favorite among users who experience constant strains on their joints and back. This topper has one of the best memory foam mattress topper thickness measures on the market. The firmness is not to be doubted; in fact, the mattress molds to form but takes a little while to do so.

If you move around too much in bed, it will feel awfully flat. Other than that, all is well with this Linenspa marvel, a topper that can be used by young and old alike.

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3. Sleep Joy 2-inch ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

For optimum breathability and cradle-like comfort, this is the topper to check out. It even has a low environmental footprint seeing as how plant extracts have gone into its making.

  • Made using the very best in mattress foam technology, only sublime quality has made its way into this topper from Sleep Joy.
  • Enhanced airflow and ventilation (ViscO2 technology) make sleep time breathable, hygienic, and ultra-comfortable. A warm bed is one thing, but an unevenly hot one makes for ill relaxation. This topper prevents that problem like a pro.
  • Stop sniffing; there is none of that foamy odor where this topper is concerned. It is odor-free (MicroSafe treatment; no bacteria, fungi, mildew, or mold).
  • From pressure relief to comfort coils that practically mold themselves to your form and ‘cradle’ you, this is one of the more reliable toppers out there.
  • Which is why it shocked even us to see it being sold for as little as cost. It brings five times more airflow potential than other topper-competitors. There is positively no heat locking, and temperature control is top notch. Your weight is distributed evenly across the topper surface whether you are sleeping sideways, on your back, or even your belly.

With such alignment, you would think the goodness stops there. But the foam mattress topper also cuts motion transfer. Know anyone who tosses a lot in their sleep? Well, you can go on sleeping without interference. The 4 lb. 4-inch wonder is great against chronic pains as well.

While holding your torso in the cradle of comfort, the rest of your body is exposed to ideal head-to-toe air circulation. Only downside is that after several months of use, the structural integrity of the topper seems to give out a little.

4. 3.3 Cloud9 King 3 Inch 100% Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Made to last, with no odoriferous substances let alone any toxic ones (making them safe for use, especially with children in the house), this foam mattress topper comes with familiar but highly practical design elements to take your comfort to the next level.

  • By relieving painful pressure points, the topper works sheer comfort magic thanks to the original visco elastic memory foam technology going into its make.
  • It stands firm at room temperature and then uses your body heat as you lay down. The material molds to form and is breathable so the topper does not get too discomfortingly warm.
  • It is so wonderfully soft (Featherlight formula).
  • At 4 inches, this is not one of the slimmest but is definitely one of the lightest toppers out there. It does not cut back on quality.
  • Your purchase comprises a Soft Sleeper 5.5 Visco Elastic Memory Foam (layer of 4 inches) and a cover that can be removed and washed when you feel like it.
  • It is costlier than some thicker toppers in the range but comes packing more durability and quality.

You can make excellent use of the four-inch layers making up this topper; these layers are adjustable. It lacks that annoying chemical odor found often in cheap toppers for memory foam mattresses. Extreme summer temperatures will result in some heat accumulation with this one, especially if you lack an air conditioner to help keep the topper ‘breathing’.

As pain relief goes, this one is worth keeping. One of the best things about this topper from Cloud9 is that the manufacturer grants you a 20-year (twenty, yes, twenty!) limited warranty. They seem pretty confident. If you are looking for a zip-in cover for the topper (travelers, take note), you will need to buy one separately.

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Extra touches have gone into this topper, setting it a class apart from the competition.

  • The topper provides superb body-molding support thanks to open cell technology.
  • Essentially a gel type, this topper is 2.5 inches thick and comes packing optimum heat distribution.
  • A bamboo cover comes with the purchase; soft, removable, washable.
  • Your sleeping temperatures are properly regulated. The topper breathes to keep itself warm enough for comfort.
  • Coming at Amazon, the cost is not too shabby though it can have been slightly cheaper. Then again, the sheer balance of features and benefits in this topper more than makes up for that.

Compared to other mattresses, the cooling technology is deserving of praise. Such great memory foam ventilation technology assures sound sleep like never before. Despite the size, the mattress weighs about 20 lbs.; quite light.
Cleaning is made rather simple via a removable cover. While several of its features, including the price, are highly competitive compared to other memory foam mattress toppers on the market, this one retains that chemical odor when opened. Air it out for a day and you will be good to go.

Body shape molding is all well and good, and this topper will literally need a minute to flatten back once you get up (say, to use the restroom or go to the kitchen for a drink or bite). Small inconveniences like these do not compare to the structural misfits sold cheap and unreliable in the topper department. In that regard, this topper is leagues better.

You can use toppers like these to render old beds new. Toppers, after all, come designed to flatten a mattress out while keeping you in the lap of comfort so your sleep is sound and you wake up pain-free.

6. Grand Down All Season Down Alternative Queen Mattress Topper, White

A beauty of microfiber art, this super-modernized topper is designed to prevent allergic reactions anytime during the year. It is also a down alternative not actual down (goose or duck feathers/plumules).

  • What is this ‘down alternative’ made of then? Nothing but fine cotton and polyester. This topper’s filling will never cause an allergic reaction.
  • Microfiber graces both the filling and the cover.
  • Accessories perfect for this topper are sold separately and include a comforter, blanket, and pillow; each made with ‘down alternative’.
  • The price at Amazon, the topper is a supremely affordable one for what it’s worth in the hypoallergenic department; not to forget the sheer comfort and mattress versatility it also brings.

At 2.5 to 3 inches in thickness, it is sufficiently plump and ideal for body molding. Too thin and it can be inadequate, too thick and it can be goofy to the point of over-softness; yes, there is such a thing.

The only major downside is machine-washing with which this topper is incompatible. The seams in the middle are too delicate for a touch of the mechanical. They will come apart and then you will experience uneven sleeping surfaces, which goes entirely against the spirit of memory foam technology. Hand wash this one, and you are good to go.

You do not need to flip or fluff the topper every couple of weeks, there is plenty of durability factors going into it (except for the machine-wash part mentioned earlier), and quality comfort prevails. Portability is yet another positive mark to the topper’s credit. It is lightweight, can be handled by one person, and moving it around the room or home is not a chore.

Always remember to give it a good shake between sheet changes. This helps even out the down alternative inside the topper; bear in mind that this is a slim topper and needs such practical attention.

7. LUCID 2 Inch Foam Mattress Topper Queen Size 3-Year Warranty

At 2 inches in thickness, we find it highly surprising how this topper has topped so many in its class.

  • Excellent shoulder, neck, and head support. Your whole back is ideally supported. This mattress topper works memory foam magic.
  • Conforming to your body weight and contours, the molding capabilities of the topper are second to only a few others out there.
  • It is fully hypoallergenic, meaning all seasons, all year round, no allergic reactions whatsoever from any design element going into this topper.
  • LUCID foam does an exquisite job of relieving pressure points so you get the soundest sleep imaginable.
  • Not only is the topper great for indoor use, you can also take it with you for camping and for use inside RVs. Such versatility and portability is found in only a handful of toppers on the market.
  • Sold at Amazon, the cost is a little too low for something that rivals expensive toppers and often does better than they in real life do.

Good posture when awake is one thing, bad posture when sleeping leaves room for trouble. Body aches, joint pains, and all sorts of inconveniences and ailments can arise from these scenarios. Coming as answer to medicine-free therapy during sleep are memory foam toppers. This one is by far one of the most exemplary of the lot.

The foam is also ventilated so the topper is breathable and relatively cool. No heat retention during the night. Dust mites, bacteria, and their relatives are kept off the mattress; hence, it being hypoallergenic.

No prolonged body impressions will remain on the topper, courtesy open cell technology. It is distinctly an inch shorter on all sides so your sheets can fit over not just the topper but the original mattress beneath as well.

8. Sleep Joy 3-inch ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

Whether you wish to improve the mattress, you already have or you believe a topper will be great for a memory foam mattress already in your home, set your eyes on this work of comfort-art.

  • Plant-based ingredients made their way into this topper, so you can certainly expect a carbon-free ‘green’ product that is also hypoallergenic; no allergic reactions brought on by the topper material.
  • Visco2 open cell technology ensures that the topper is breathable and well ventilated, making for a cool and comfortable setting. In addition, you have wonderful form-molding technology that holds your body upright and relieves pressure points.
  • No aches, pains, pulls, or stretches will happen once you have slept on this topper. The very design is therapeutic.
  • Quality of sleep is greatly improved, for those who prefer sleeping on their stomach, sides, or backs.
  •  The topper is reasonably priced; not too cheap or too dear.

With no chance of tossing and turning due to the topper’s sheer comfort and ideal support (design and technology working in tandem), the firmness and lack of overheating help ensure sublime sleep. With five times more airflow than most other toppers, temperature consistency is one of the best features on this one.

There are no permanent indentations or impressions brought by your body when you lie down on this topper and get up come the morning. Owing to quality open cell technology, you get support and aesthetics in equal measure.

Only downside is that you need to spot-clean this topper, never machine-wash. There will be a slight chemical odor when you open it up; simply air it out. No harsh chemicals are part of the topper, the substances are at natural.

9. LUCID 3 Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper 3-Year Warranty – Queen

Capable of actually resisting dust mites and allergens, this topper is as hygienic as it is comfortable.

  • All pains related to neck, back, shoulder, joints, and legs are eliminated. The memory foam topper molds to form and supports your body by removing pressure points. You sleep flat but as if, you are on a cloud.
  • No lasting impressions remain on the topper (caused by your body when you lie down on it and then get back up). This is purely thanks to the open cell technology incorporated into this and several other toppers.
  • At 3 inches thick, it is sumptuous and comfortable with ideal ventilation designs to keep the topper cool. It does not overheat; no heat accumulation from either the environment or your body.
  • That superior comfort and pain-free sleep that you will experience with this topper are caused by a specialized LUCID memory foam formula.
  • The workmanship and forethought that has gone into the making of this topper offer enough reasons for the price tag; great value for money.

Pain alleviation is a direct result of the firmness that memory foam toppers and mattresses are known for. You essentially get the best of several worlds. The topper contours and re-contours to your form each time you lie down or leave. You can therefore rest assured, wake up at night for some reason, go back to bed, and still get the sleep you deserve.

That foamy smell you get when you open up this topper is natural, and literally so; no harmful substances only natural ingredients go into making it. A day and the smell will air itself out. With proper non-harsh use, this topper can prove its resilience times ten. Durability is good with this one.

Restful sleep, durability, a 3-year warranty, and optimal comfort. This topper is a dream come true for most users, especially those who find catching sleep difficult.

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10. Sleep Better 2-Inch Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Twin Extra Long

The visco-elastic memory foam going into this topper has given it an edge over most others in its range.

  • At 2½ inches, the thickness is crafted to provide cradle-like comfort.
  • Open cell foam technology has rendered this topper ‘temperature-smart’. It breathes, keeps cool and never accumulates unwanted heat, or your own body heat can be turned against you as you sleep, causing you to lose the comfort otherwise promised.
  • It is hypoallergenic, meaning the topper will never cause any allergic reactions via its own material.
  • It is rather innovative. The firmness technology works in such a way as to avoid too much tossing and turning at night.
  • The visco-elastic foam contours itself to your weight and shape, and supports you ideally, as you sleep.
  • No pains, aches, etc. because the topper removes all pressure points, holding you flat but supremely comfy as you sleep.
  • While each one of the toppers we reviewed brings something amazing to your health, comfort, and sleep, this particular topper is one of the best-rated memory foam mattress topper models we know.
  • This is also the cheapest topper we have found on the market that carries all the quality expected of memory foam toppers, and then some.

From excellent heat dissipation to outstanding body-molding capabilities, this topper truly has outdone several other models in the same range. With a 5-year warranty, superb comfort, durability, and more, the topper brings value for money.

It is safe and ‘healthy’, meaning you will experience no bacteria and dust mite accumulations on this topper. If you are allergic to something, the topper will not be one of them (it is thoroughly hypoallergenic). Compared to more expensive toppers, it brings superior support technology and pressure relief. We were not surprised to find that it surpassed several models in this regard.

Its durability alone is in question. Avoid machine-washing, do not treat it harsh, and use it for indoor purposes only, and the topper will last you a long while and serve you every comfort need not forget to keep you free of pain in the morning.

How To Prepare A Topper For Use

This is to help those for whom their topper arrives but they discover that the standard instructions simply do not work.

  • Temperature is the main cause of this problem. Toppers come packed in the vacuum. They are compressed. When you open them up, you need to let them breathe for a bit and expand.
  • The manufacturer in the topper’s guidebook that their product will need to sit 96 hours to fully reach the dimensions designed for it usually explains it. However, this is only the case if the ambient temperature is 72 degrees F.
  • The more the temperature goes beyond that measure, the longer your topper will need to fully expand. Of course, if conditions are cooler then you will have little to worry about. Some people just open the topper package in a fully air-conditioned room; clever, clever.
  • What about that distinct odor the topper gives off when unpacked? Though it is entirely harmless, the smell can be a bit frustrating. Let the room that you are using be aired for about two or so days and the smell will take itself out. Of course, for those smart foxes that opened the topper in an AC room, you will need to wait a bit longer before the smell dissipates.

You have now officially prepared yourself and the topper too. When it is ready, you simply place it on the mattress (old or new) and enjoy the comfort and leveling-out magic that a good memory foam mattress topper alone can provide.

How Can A New Mattress Benefit you

Pros & Cons

Instead of giving you individual pros and cons for each of the ten toppers we reviewed earlier, we saw it fit to list them collectively here. Almost all those toppers share the same upsides and downsides; variations exist, of course. If you know what is what, you will shop smarter and gain a better experience from the topper once it is ready for use.

Sleep is crucial to your health, and a topper can make or break that possibility. However, despite their innovation, high comfort, and health benefits some people will find toppers not to their liking. Check out these pros and cons and see if you fall in that category.


The Good Side

  • With long-term use of memory foam toppers, you will see greatly reduced neck and back pains as well as joint aches, muscle pulls, and other minor physical inconveniences that can add up and be quite the thorn in your side.
  • There are several sizes, thicknesses, and models in the topper range. You have plenty to choose from not just ‘one size fits all’.
  • Toppers conform to your body shape and hold you in such an ideally flat position that you will experience little to no stress on the spine. You can sleep on your stomach, side, or back and the topper will mold itself accordingly. The sensation is not ‘table-flat’ but ‘soft and comfy’.
  • Toppers make sure that your body weight is evenly distributed across their surface.
  • Ventilation technology sees to it that toppers ‘breathe’, meaning a cool bed with warmth as needed. No heat accumulation and none of those uncomfortable lingering temperature variations that often interfere with sound sleep.
  • With such excellence in body support, your breathing will also greatly improve while sleeping, reducing chances of snoring let alone tossing and turning.
  • If there is still tossing about, motion reduction technology comes into effect to minimize disturbance for others sharing the topper while also reducing chances for a sleeper to toss too often; comfort and quality help ensure this.
  • No bacteria, dust mites, allergens, or other harmful substances stay on the topper. Its material is designed to keep them off. This means no allergic reactions for you, plus the material is made from hypoallergenic plant-extracts.
  • The topper comes designed using ‘green’ principles. No harmful gasses or other chemicals (Polybrominated Biphenyl Ether, Chlorofluorocarbons, bad metals, etc.) go into its making.
  • It surpasses even PURGreen standards (no ozone depletes no PBDE flame-retardants, low volatile organic compound emissions, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, no lead, no mercury, and no heavy metals).
  • Additionally, the topper also meets expectations laid down by the CSPC and EPA.

The Bad Side

  • Some memory foam mattress topper models absorb heat more than others. This can make for uncomfortably warm nights if you live in a country or region prone to extreme heat.
  • Compared to traditional and ordinary mattresses, these cost more; for good reason.
  • Some high-end models can last anywhere from 5-8 years but show durability problems sometimes after a year.
  • Toppers are firmer during cool seasons and softer during the hot ones. It is an inevitable side effect of their open cell design.

Topper Beneficiaries

Who can make the most of memory foam toppers?

  • Memory foam mattress toppers correct poor sleeping posture. How do you know you are sleeping at wrong angles? Aches and pains in the morning, tossing and turning at night.
  • It helps ease sleep apnea and other breathing problems after shut-eye. The right posture and support can help with this.
  • All sorts of aches, pulls, cramps, pains, joint trouble and backaches galore… Toppers made under the memory foam purview are a firm answer.
  • Current mattresses creating undesirable pressure points? These are the root causes of all your pains. Topper’s mold to form, hold you softly but securely and prevent the creation of any sort of pressure points. Toppers also level out those points already on the mattress underneath.
  • Allergies? No worries, toppers are made using ‘green’ substances, literally (plant extracts). They have material resistant to the growth and propagation of bacteria, dust mites, and allergens. This makes toppers hypoallergenic and perfectly safe for use, especially by those who have allergies.

How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

There are no several ways to do this; you need to follow a handful of established and recommended techniques on how to clean a memory foam mattress topper. It is not very difficult, merely a detour in your usual cleaning schedule.

  • Surface texture will determine exactly how you can go about cleaning toppers. Manufacturer’s instructions are a crucial help.
  • Spot cleaning is the only way to go for some toppers while others can be wet all over in a tub or shower and hung to dry. The user manual will have details on this.
  • An hour, which is how long the topper needs to itself after you have shaken some baking soda on its surface. Vacuum it off when you are ready. The only inconvenience with this idea is vacuuming the baking soda off of uneven toppers; curvy designs, puffy segments, etc. Think of it this way, though, vacuuming helps remove lint, pet hairs, dust, dander, and more, making your cleaning task more fruitful.
  • Several topper models out there can be machine-washed and thrown in the dryer afterward. Again, user manual, your best friend (we mean the user manual J).
  • The final technique is a classic one, namely warm water and mild dish detergent. Rinse and dry afterward. You can follow any of these ideas as long as your topper’s user manual says yes to them.

How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress Toppers


The best memory foam mattress toppers are an excellent investment in not just comfort and relaxation but overall health. Sleep is more important than you think, and losing it for reasons that have a resolution in memory foam toppers is not excusable. You can make the most of your life when you get the right sleep. So, without further ado, we conclude by saying you be the judge, check out our reviews and everything else our site has to offer, contact us if doubts creep up on you, and here is to a healthy comfortable time in bed sleeping like a baby.


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