Tips for Buying Best Memory Foam Beds?

Buying a memory foam mattress topper is not just a simple thing, the reason being that someone has to know the advantages and disadvantages that memory foam has as compared to other mattresses as well.

Therefore, it is not such an approach to entering the store and choosing a mattress topper just by looking. Therefore, someone may need to check the pros and cons of a memory foam mattress and then decide whether they want one, or which particular brand of memory foam to buy. This review is designed to help the consumer see the good and bad points of buying a mattress topper, particularly a memory foam mattress topper.

Tips for Buying Best Memory Foam Beds?

The consumer must first be knowledgeable when it comes to what memory foam mattress topper to buy and he must understand that in order to get good sleep, this depends on the decisions he/ she makes about their mattress, i.e. what they like, or not, because it is only themselves who know how they are comfortable with a particular bed, i.e. soft, firm, with pillowtop, or other additions, mainly the memory foam pillow top, or topper. Therefore, knowing beforehand what you buy is a better way of choosing mattress wisely.

Tips for Buying Best Memory Foam Beds

Sometimes, the hassle of buying a mattress that does not prove to be beneficial may have the additional burden of returning it to the store, or sometimes, with some manufacturers, they may not allow returns for items that are in the bedding category. Therefore, if there is no return policy this is another reason that the consumer much decides correctly as to which mattress topper is best for him. This way, he or she can avoid the problem of going back to the store and trying to negotiate a replacement if the store policy is not money back.

Another way to look at the situation is whether such pillow tops or mattress toppers are really necessary. Why, indeed, someone to buy a bed with a pillow top? The reasons are many and again they are dependent on each person, i.e. what each person can regard as comfortable. Some men may enjoy a firmer bed while some women may prefer a softer cushioned bed. In general, the people who buy a mattress topper, or those who prefer to buy a bed with pillowtop, do so because they are convinced, or that they like to have the extra comfort or plush feeling that these beds have.


Sometimes there may be therapeutic reasons why to buy a mattress with the top (pillow, or memory foam, etc). They may have some condition with their back, i.e. a backache which may require them or the doctor may have written a prescription for buying a pillowtop, or bed topper. Each type of bed has its advantages and disadvantages so it is best to know these for various kinds of beds, including memory foam and then decide what mattress, or what mattress top to buy. Read: Zinus Mattress Review


A mattress topper must match the size of the bed because mattress toppers, especially memory foam ones cannot be cut to make them different size, therefore, the decision to buy a mattress topper must also be decided on the size of the bed, i.e. what size the bed, i.e. queen size, king size, etc and then buy the mattress topper that will fit the particular bed. Again, let’ s just say that a memory foam bed cannot be cut to make a smaller size because it will ruin the whole mattress top.


Specific problems to pillow tops or mattress toppers like memory foam are that they may retain heat as the person is sleeping. Many owners agree that such pillow top mattresses, especially memory foam ones, do retain body heat specifically during the summer months, so this presents one problem if the person is not used to such a situation. Another problem with memory foam mattress toppers is that they may put off a chemical smell which this may be left to aerate the first time that the mattress is opened from its packaging. But this is not really an issue as the memory foam mattress will not continue to give off smell after couple days of being opened from its package. There are no toxic chemicals problems arising from this situation, so it is ok to allow the memory foam bed to give off all the initial smell.


Memory foam beds do have advantages, ie. they mold to the body making the person more comfortable. Especially women who may prefer a softer bed, they may appreciate memory foam beds more than men, so this is an issue also that there is an advantage to buying a mattress that molds on the curves of the person sleeping on it. A mattress topper is more advantageous because it retains the mattress that is already bought and thus the topper is just placed above the original mattress. Some people may prefer to retain the firm bed they have and use a memory foam topper to enhance their sleeping time. Other women may prefer a softer, more plush bed and also be placing a memory foam mattress on top.


Other additional benefits of choosing a mattress top, especially memory foam, is that other than the bed molding to the shape of the person sleeping on it, it is also hygienic, because it may not cause allergies because there are no dust mites that may live in the mattress, neither also bed bugs can survive in a memory foam bed, or topper. The problem though is that people may be allergic to the giving off the smell of the memory foam, or if people are sensitive to the chemical, or synthetic smell then they may again find it difficult to concentrate to sleep. These issues are not mainstream but may happen from time to time, i.e. a small percentage of people buying the memory foam topper may complain of ‘chemical’ smell or smell of rubber since these beds may include rubber inside them. If the person knows that they may have an allergy to a smell of rubber them they may have to avoid buying a memory foam bed in the first place.


There are no health risks associated with pillowtop memory foam mattresses. There may be a chemical smell emitted at the first time that the product is used, i.e. when taken out of its plastic casing, but this smell will dissipate on its own when some time passes. So, there is no dangerous chemical, or there is no toxic/ chemical substance used at the time of manufacturing of the memory foam bed.


We have already talked about an odor that memory foam pillow tops give off but already explained that such smell/ odor due to the manufacturing of the pillowtop and will dissipate with time once the mattress is unfolded and left to aerate. Even if the smell is not- toxic, still some people may find that they cannot cope with the smell, i.e. it gives them allergy or nausea. These people then may have to avoid buying such a bed.


When the topper bed is new, it is natural it will emit some smell which may not be tolerable for some people. That it is important that the mattress is left to aerate in the environment, by unfolding it and letting it sit for a while. How long is necessary to allow the topper bed to aerate is dependent on how strong is the initial odor/ smell. But, in general, letting it aerate for a few hours is necessary. Additionally, the memory bed pillowtop will require time to expand since it was compressed inside its casing. This is normal again and does not a present malfunction of the pillow top.


Memory foam beds are quite sturdy and thus, they do not need replacing often. They can stay elastic and retain the memory qualities for many years. Generally, the memory foam bed should not be cleaned with water or chemical. It does not need cleaning. It can be cleaned from dust by a vacuum cleaner and will be good as new. It is advisable to always have a bed sheet on it, or bedspread so it protects the surface and never should someone drink when they sit on the bed because of the risk of spilling and damaging the bed.


Before buying a memory foam pillow bed, it is necessary to know some values that it is advertised with. This is the thickness and density of the bed. There are memory foam pillow tops which range from 2.5 cm to 12.5 cm. The difference between the think and thicker components of memory foam beds is in regard to the amount of plush, or comfort they provide. Needless to say, a thinner memory foam bed will not have much comfort, but a thicker memory foam topper bed will provide more cushioning and more comfort. The difference also is in the price as thinner memory foam beds are cheaper than their thicker counterparts.


The customer must decide how thick the memory foam pillowtop is to be, so they should decide this factor depending on their preferences of how firm, or how plush they require the mattress to be. Men may prefer a firmer bed i.e. little cushioning while women may prefer a thicker pillow top mattress so they maintain good back support. Memory foam is ok with people who may have pain or problems with back support, thus, they should choose the type of memory foam they prefer.


These beds do not have many disadvantages while also pregnant women can use the bed to maintain a cushioning for their unborn baby as well. Additionally, even babies can sleep on the mattress topper since the bed provides good support especially when it is thinner, rather than thick


Memory foam beds are warm, but even sometimes they may be too warm, i.e. during summer months. This is an attribute of the bed and does not constitute a malfunction, or other problem with the bed. For people who may prefer cooler bedding, then the memory foam bed may not be for them, so this is an issue discussed with the reseller before purchasing the bed.


You cannot cut a memory foam bed. If cut the warranty will be voided as well as it will not be possible to fix the bed once it is cut. If you try to cut the pillow top mattress it will become damaged and thus not function as is supposed to be. The customer is advised to simply buy the size they want beforehand, i.e. knowing for what reason the bed pillow is to be purchased and for which bed it will be used on.


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