Best Latex Pillows 2018: Reviews and Guide

The product uses a natural polymer called Latex. It is derived from some specific plants and may also be synthetic. When latex is used in pillow, the material needs to be foamed that creates a matrix of tiny inter-connected bubbles. These bubbles help in providing bounce and spring. These pillows are highly reactive to pressure and exhibit an instant bounce-back.

Top 10 Best Latex Pillows 2018 Review:

Best Latex Pillows

Z 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow – King – High Loft, Plush

The product has been occupied with a previously doctrine plush density which is ideal for back and stomach sleepers. The product has been composed of all natural latex and is thus highly eco-friendly. The product has been composed by using zoned technology. Thus, a unique foam constituency is maintained. The materials used are all naturally mildew proof and resistant to dust mites. Use of natural constituents has helped the passage of air and induces breathability.


  1. The product is able to keep comfortable sleeping temperature
  2. Addition of soft and removable velour cover has added to the attraction
  3. Lightweight and inclusion of zipper has increased portability
  4. Can be used for travel purposes too


  1. The bamboo-blend cover has sometimes shown the tendency of fragility.
  2. Comes at high price range

All Natural Latex Pillow With Organic Cotton Outer Covering (Standard – Medium Firm)

Use of top quality and completely natural latex has made the product additionally durable. The natural trend has made them more eco-friendly too. The unique design and useful contents has helped to maintain a comfortable temperature during sleeping. The materials used in the product are all naturally hypoallergenic and microbial. Thus, no growth of harmful agents is naturally relented. The pillow is kept cool with the free air flow design and hydrophilic covering.


  1. The product offers a bouncy effect with the natural latex
  2. The organic cover is removable and washable
  3. Succumbed under no hot flash or heat like memory foam
  4. Pillow renders a feeling from medium firm to soft


  1. The product comes with a high price-tag
  2. Persons like firmness in pillows will not like the allured softness

Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow, Standard

These pillows are adored for the specialized power to provide relieve pressure points. The gentle cradling of head and neck all the night long has made the product get the maximum positive reviews during current overviews. Like all the similar products, it has also been made from all natural latex. The natural property of the constituent has made the product eco-friendly. The materials used in the product resist the growth of allergens and dust mites. So, there would be no synthetic odor exhibited while the shipment is opened.


  1. The genuine bounciness with latex imparts comfort
  2. The product will not render any retention of heat
  3. Superior coolness is experienced with the passage of air


  1. The customer service has sometimes been prejudiced

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow (2-Pack) – Luxury Plush Gel Pillow – Dust Mite Resistant & Hypoallergenic – Queen

The product is comprised of super plush gel fiber. These materials are expertly tailored that ensures maximum comfort for anybody. Besides, these pillows also befit for any sleeping position. These pillows are resistive to any sort of dust mite, mold and mildew. No chemicals have been used in manufacturing. And, the materials are hypoallergenic. The luxurious linen gel fibers are resistant to fading and stains too. The materials used are properly certified against performance, eco-friendliness and contents.


  1. Use of natural Latex has spoken for eco-friendliness
  2. Then product provide healing captures against asthma, allergies and various other respiratory issues
  3. Offered at best prices
  4. Shipped by using best quality shipping technology and for free.


  1. The customers are alerted to see the brand name before purchasing

Natural Talalay Latex Foam Pillow Standard with Eco-friendly Hypoallergenic and Anti-mite by SWEESLEEP (Soft, 23″x15″x5″)

The product offers soft and cuddling support to the head and cervices. The firmness of the materials has imparted the needed strength and durability. The use of natural latex has induced the most needed breathability and passage of air has improved the coolness in the pillows. Sleeping experience is thus amazing and appropriately restful. The core at this latex pillows have been bestowed with the properties of hypoallergenic. Additionally, these products are anti-bacterial, resistant to mildew and crush down the scope of growing any dust mites into it.


  1. The latex materials are properly certified by CertiPUR-US
  2. The product has been covered with a polyester cover with breathable holes
  3. Latex used in the product does not absorb any moisture and stays dry for prolonged period


  1. The mild rubbery scent of rubber may not be liked by many people.

Authentic Talatech 230 Thread Count Latex Foam Medium Density Pillow – Queen

The queen sized pillows is ideal for being used in any travelling purpose. The products are invariably made with total latex material that ensures eco-friendliness. The medium firmness is prone to be liked by the people. The natural latex has capability to induce breathability with appropriate spaces for passage of air. The passage of air will also bring about coolness and a beautiful sleeping experience. The product is made naturally resistant to allergens and dust mites.


  1. The product has been shipped with a beautiful cotton cover that also induce breathability
  2. All the materials are certified against use of eco-friendly materials
  3. The quality of not absorbing moisture has induced dryness and longevity


  1. There could be a mild rubbery off-gassing when the shipment is opened

Hypoallergenic Pillow, ALPHA LATEX 100% Natural Latex Pillow for sleeping can Anti-mite/Relieve cervical spine pain/be Washable /Breathable (Standard)

The scope for facial massage is being kindled in this product with the side-on design. With the introduction of more air holes, the face is sure about not suffered from choking. The impasse of natural latex will induce additional breathability and softness. The passage of air will bring about coolness that ultimately results in having restful sleep. The products are more liked as the materials are imported from the land of latex, Thailand.


  1. The materials used are blessed with capacity to relieve muscle tension
  2. The product can also heal cervical spondilitis.
  3. The pillow core is washable
  4. Material can resist any breeding of bacteria and dust mites are also prevented from accumulating


  1. The product is required to use for a longer period to alleviate cervical aches.

Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Queen Firm Pillow

The vertices of this particular foam are known to produce consistent and ultimate breathable foam. The particular quality of this product has helped them to gain optimum positive reviews. Latex foams are known for their natural ability to produce resistance against allergens. They also are known for their resisting capacity to growth of microbes. The latex in its molded form has capacitance to retain its shape. Furthermore, these foams have ability to be comfortably supportive for a long time.


  1. All the materials used are certified by the proper authority against performance and contents
  2. The passage of air is guaranteed with breathable holes
  3. Product is attractive with a washable and removable bamboo charcoal cover
  4. Made in the USA


  1. The product is offered at bit higher prices

Classic Brands Caress Plush Ventilated Latex Foam, Queen

The use of high-quality natural latex has the ability to cradle the head. It can also make support for cervices and shoulder. The latex has been intrigued with a large cell structure. It can infuse additional air circulation. Passage of air increases breathability and the user is sure to have restful sleep. We are concerned that all the latex materials are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mold and bacteria. This property has made these pillows perfect for allergy sufferers.


  1. The materials used are a mix of cotton and latex
  2. The constituents are imported
  3. Ideal for users who care for sleeping surface
  4. Liked for plush feel


  1. Price is comparatively high
  2. Customers are alerted against use of fake materials

100% Organic Latex Contour Neck Pillow (Standard Low Loft)

The product is endeavored with the ergonomic design. This type of design makes the pillow contour appropriately with the spine. Such spinal alignment is done by supporting the natural curves at head, cervices and shoulder position. The material, i.e. natural latex is derived from eco-harvested rubber tree. The product is made covered with a 100% organic cotton covering that maintains purity. No off-gassing environment has thus created. The USP of this product is alluring softness and ventilated pinpoint design. This feature has also worked for endurance.


  1. The product uses Dunlop Process
  2. Naturally resistant to allergens
  3. Resistivity to dust mites, bacteria, mold and bugs has made the product absolutely safe


  1. The product is offered in low loft which is 20% lower than the regular loft pillow


Use of natural latex for making sleeping acumen has been practiced till far back. The popularity of this material has practically induced the companies to manufacture the product. Use of lifetime real natural materials has gone to favor the increased cost. Thus, almost all the products come in the bracket of dearly priced varieties.


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