Best Home Security Cameras with DVR

Rented or own, security cameras are considered to be a necessitous element in smart home security systems and come in different types with a bunch of features. Since there are a lot of options out there on the market, it is very tricky to find out which security camera is perfect for your house. To help you get the best home security camera system for your requirements, we have outlined the basic points to ponder and share the best results of our review. This guide will help you find the security cameras to make your smart home and family more secure.

Best Home Security Camera System Consumer Reports with DVR

Why Need Best home security camera system consumer reports?

Safety is the prime concern when it comes to a smart home. These systems do beyond safeguarding a house from prying eyes. From calling urgent responders on your behalf to controlling everything inside your house via your smartphone, these systems have it all. So, every home must invest in these systems.

How to choose Security Cameras?

If you are looking for the right security cameras for your house, the choice should be amazing. Here we have a few tips for you for helping you in this matter:

  • Learn the varieties of security camera types available in the market.
  • Take into account the benefits of utilizing an IR (Infrared) security camera. It’s a famous kind of camera for both home and business.
  • Ponder the benefits of a dome camera which is a professional one.
  • Do not forget the benefits of a pro box camera which are famous for their high video quality.
  • Take into account the advantages of a pan tilt zoom camera which can be controlled via remote viewing software, DVR, and a joystick.
  • Ponder the facilities offered by the hidden cameras which possibly provide the highest degree of inspection.
  • Make a decision of choosing between wireless and wired cameras.
  • Consider various kinds of security cameras.

How to install Home Security Cameras?

How to install Home Security Camera

  • Make a list of your requirements.
  • Purchase the right package.
  • Install a monitor and a recording device.
  • Examine your device.
  • Select a high/broad angle for your cameras.
  • Mount the cameras to the wall.
  • Connect the cameras with a power source.
  • Plug a wired camera and monitor to your DVR.
  • Attach wireless cameras to your PC.
  • Fix all connection-related problems.
  • Make a core hub to base your surveillance system.
  • Utilize Siamese wires for efficiently wiring your framework.
  • Utilize a power supply box for powering different cameras via one outlet.
  • Connect every video wire to an individual DVR port.
  • Hide your cables.


Top rated Smart Home Security Cameras on Amazon in 2020

NETGEAR Arlo Pro 2 Home Security Cameras

If you require a system beyond only a single camera, NETGEAR Arlo Pro 2 Home Security Cameras System delivers the best performance than any other camera available in the market. The latest Arlo Pro 2 is an improved system, increasing the video resolution to 1080p while keeping the free cloud storage maintained as it was. This security systems is totally prepared for using indoors and best outdoors and come weather sealed, wireless or wired. The batteries can be individually charged and simply be swapped, so wireless cameras will never experience any glitch while charging.


  • This smart home security systems offers high-quality video with 1080p HD resolution which results in bright and sharp details.
  • It’s a wireless security systems, so there is no hassle of cables.
  • This framework functions with Google Assistant, Fire TV, Echo Show and Amazon Alexa.
  • Watching any live video is now easier with just a voice command.
  • This system especially highlights the regions in the view of your camera where you specifically desire to get motion alerts.
  • It works with Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, and so forth.
  • It boasts an optional round-the-clock constant video recording feature.
  • Simply three seconds before a triggered occurrence, it can capture the total activities.

Zmodo Wireless Home Security Cameras System Consumer Reports

Zmodo 8CH wire-free home security cameras system is a must buy to protect your house. The entire system features four weatherproof best outdoor security camera and four wide viewing angle indoor cameras which help you cover each and every corner of your house, whether inside or outside. This home security systems utilizes digital signal rather than analog signal transmission, which presents real 720p full HD image quality, mitigating signal loss. This security camera system requires an iOS 7.0 and above Android 4.0 and above for set up and a password protected 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.


  • Due to its 720p HD resolution and sharp indoor and outdoor security camera, this home security systems appear to be a complete camera solution.
  • The whole system can be installed at an ease. There is no requirement of running wires all over the home for connecting cameras and NVR. You can just connect the adapters with cameras by mounting them to walls.
  • You can get shining and bright results with the help of its outdoor security camera.
  • It features a 3-Year limited warranty.
  • This security systems contains a lifetime US-based tech support.
  • Cameras are made with amazing quality for round-the-clock HD monitoring tasks.
  • It comes with Zmodo app.

YI 4pc Home Camera, Wireless IP Security Surveillance System

YI wireless IP Security Surveillance System features f/2.0 aperture, 720p HD resolution, and a high definition camera coverage with 111° angle lens. It comes with YI cloud storage which provides loop-recording with an unlimited storage option. Thereby, if your YI Camera is by any chance damaged or stolen, all footages will be availed safely on the Cloud.You can have a safe access with financial-industry standard encryption. Due to its integrated gyroscope support, you can get a total panoramic view by just panning your smartphone left and right. YI Camera features inbuilt high precision motion detection technology. On YI Home App, you can customize features like camera sharing, activity alerts, schedules and so forth.


  • You can get a one-month trial for free if you subscribe to YI Cloud, which is a budget-friendly and anti-theft cloud solution.
  • This best security cameras records in 720p HD for capturing clear pictures for your records.
  • With a reliable Wi-Fi connection, you can get access to your camera using the YI Home application.
  • YI Home app is available for both Android and iOS.
  • Best security systems incorporates 1-year warranty coverage.
  • YI Home app lets users customize their settings as per their choices.

MCSTREE Spy Hidden Camera

MCSTREE Spy Hidden Camera is crafted with a great design. It’s ideal for home security due to its 150o wide lens and 1080p HD Wi-Fi camera clock. It’s a wireless Wi-Fi spy hidden camera which can be connected to the internet network so you can live-stream your footage from any place. All you need to do is to download the application and follow the guide. This surveillance camera features night vision, motion detection,and alarm push. It has a mini spy surveillance camera alarm clock inbuilt through which you can easily see anyone’s face clearly even in complete darkness. It features an HD 1080p video and multifunction app mini IP camera remote video recorder which works as a smart alarm nanny camera clock. This spy hidden camera gives 100% assurance to satisfy your needs.


  • The camera is covered with a great design to become worthwhile for any customer.
  • It features full HD 1080p resolution to offer you a different experience with its HD video and image.
  • Through an app, this hidden camera captures each and every detail which you should see.
  • Through the multifunctional app, the IP camera can be easily connected to the Wi-Fi network of a house.

YI Cloud 1080P HD Wireless IP Home Security Camera with DVR

Anybody will be simply blown away by this home security camera. There is no better camera for this price. And the image quality and the build quality are amazing. If you go through the features and specification of this security camera system, you will see that it features everything that you need in your home security camera. These features include IR night vision, full HD, two-way audio, pan and tilt, motion detection and tracking, and many more. It comes with an excellent app which is simple, easy to use but completely functional. In a nutshell, it’s a great camera at a budget rate.


  • This home security camera system boasts an improved night vision by utilizing 10 infrared LEDs and an improved sensor.
  • It’s a complete 3600 coverage and1080p full HD solution.
  • It gives real-time activity and motion detection alerts.
  • This security system supports dependable Wi-Fi connectivity and LAN.
  • You can access the camera with YI Home app on a mobile device (both Android and iOS).
  • With the help of YI Cloud storage, you can avoid the risk of losing all necessitous footages from a microSD card.
  • YICloud ensures to offer an effective compression and keep your videos safeguarded.

SV3C Surveillance CCTV Camera

The SV3C Surveillance CCTV IP camera boasts an extensive range of features that are equipped for enhancing the availability for the users. This is one of the cost-effective models which you will find available and it is made by SV3C. Its low price is not at all the prime concern because this item features a great construction. If you are looking for setting up a budget security system, this camera is an incredible choice. Although it may lack in additional features in comparison with its costlier counterparts, this CCTV IP camera still incorporates a few useful additions. The power over Ethernet functionality is the most noticeable of these additions.


  • This CCTV camera is equipped with smart motion detection technology.
  • It’s a Wi-Fi camera which supports SD card storage up to 128GB.
  • You can adjust alarm sensitivity and motion detection area of this camera.
  • It makes sure a steadier Wi-Fi connection and easier Wi-Fi set up.
  • Due to its waterproof feature, it is perfect for outdoor. Its waterproof level is up to IP66.
  • This Wi-Fi camera gives you clear night vision since it is equipped with 36 pieces IR LED lights.
  • SV3C Wi-Fi IP camera system incorporates a power adapter.

Zmodo Wireless Two-Way Audio HD Home Security Camera

Want to observe people and your preferred places with the help of a security camera which features a great high definition resolution? Then, you must opt for Zmodo Wireless 2-way Audio HD Home Security Camera. Whether you utilize a tablet, a smartphone, or PC, you can check everything in the Zmodo application. It lets you record round-the-clock and you can also watch videos on Zmodo Cloud from any place. It will help you stay connected with your house by offering clip alerts on your mobile devices while it detects motion. With the help of its two way audio, you can directly talk to your close ones. Zmodo wireless security camera needs iOS 7.0 and above or Android 4.0 and above for setting up the cameras for digital access with the free Zmodo app.


  • This 2-way security camera features an inbuilt mic which lets you talk and listen via Zmodo app anytime and anywhere, giving you a homely feeling.
  • As a user, you can enjoy a 1-month free Zmodo cloud service. This service plan doesn’t demand any credit card credential and subscription.
  • With the help of the wide viewing angle of this security camera, you can capture the entire room.

Wansview Wireless 1080P IP Camera

Wansview Wireless 1080p IP camera is a great piece that lets you see everything clearly even in the darkness. It helps you get high-quality images and videos by capturing your precious time. This is a 1080p pan and tilt camera with which you can avail the video stream of your camera with an ease. This camera helps you get a remote access for talking and listening to your loved ones, viewing each and every corner of your house, and observing your pets and kids with the help of Wansview application.


  • Using this full HD 1080p camera, you will get to see crystal clear pictures.
  • It has the 2-way audio function that lets you talk to your family members anytime and anywhere.
  • This security system features a brilliant night vision so even at night you won’t miss out on any moment.
  • Its wide view angle, pan and tilt function with 4x digital zoom keep eyes on a bigger space.
  • You can click some adorable videos and images using this wireless camera that supports almost 4 persons for viewing simultaneously with the help of Wansview app on an Android or iOS device. So capturing lovable moments with close ones is easier.

TENVIS Wireless HD IP Camera

TENVIS Wireless HD IP camera is a perfect choice among all IP cameras out there. The prime reasons include its reasonable cost, better resolution than others, highly detailed pictures, and maximized surveillance ambiances. This security camera lets you capture completely secure and top-quality real-time images for avoiding mistakes in alarm notification. It is equipped with night vision feature that helps monitor pets and babies and older people round-the-clock. This IP network camera comes with a massive storage option of 128GB. So, you can save a large-sized video in case you need to record something urgent. This IP network camera is the best option for remote monitoring.


  • This security camera helps you experience real-time communication with its smart alarm and 2-way audio.
  • You can detect every possible risk with the help of its motion detection technology.
  • Its Sound Wave Smart Connection technology helps you configure the Wi-Fi connectivity in no while.
  • With the help of its core Smart Eyes technology, you can get an access to a clear night vision through this HD IP camera’s infrared red light.
  • This HD IP motion activated camera features the high-tech 1280×720 MP optic lens and that help you see sharp and clear images.


This is everything about the top-rated wireless security cameras with DVR which must be reviewed if you want to buy the smart home security camera system with DVR. These cameras will give you complete peace of mind, making your family members safe and secure. To know more, share your thoughts with us!

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