Da Nang is one of the beautiful cities. It is known as a number of the coffee shop beside special food. Let’s call at some wonderful shop in Da Nang, which is hard to skip. So, TOP 20 BEST COFFEE SHOP IN DA NANG is best place for selfie.


Danang souvenier & café

Danang souvenier & café. It’s one of the most beautiful coffee shops in Danang. Located at the center of the city, the good position- on Bach Dang street, which suffers in poetic Han River. It is not only well-aired and spacious place, where you can enjoy the whole Han River but also so the seasight, destination, the area of interesting souvenir for shopping and that place art activities for the young is hold frequently.
Address: 34 Bach Dang, Danang

Cong café

This is a subsidiary café shop, known as ‘ perfect café” of Hanoi at Da nang and it turns into a beautiful and famous shop in this city. Every decorated item, architectural space bring you back in olden time- hard time but noteworthy.
Address: 96-98 Bach Dang Street

Highlands café

Highlands café is a good café brand and common all over Vietnam. In Da nang, although there are a lot of business, the famous seat is at 74 Bach Dang Street- perfect destination both its fan club and visitors, who having expectation to come and enjoy the beauty of shop with cool space, headed the Han River
Address: 74 Bach Dang, Da Nang

Aroi café

located on busy Bach Dang street, immediately, Aroi café has attracted the attention of the young in Da nang. That’s very great when you call at to taste of strange drinks on the sunny Especially, coming to Aroi café, the delicious cake dishes make you-fan club of sweet cake hard to ignore.
Address: 124 Bach Dang, Da Nang

Namunamu café

Namunamu café is arranged and decorated in a slightly western beside modern and polite style. Space is wide and well- aired
With the professional bartenders and professional working style, coming here, you not only enjoy the beauty of awesome place in Danang but also taste the interesting drinks
Nammunamu café is designed in 3-stories style with view heads Han river

Address: 180 Bach Dang, Da nang.

Café Green Plaza

Located on the 10th storey of Green Plaza hotel and answered to the name of building. This is a perfect destination, where you can observe the whole Danang’s view. In here, it’s possible for you to look at the beauty of Han River
Coming to café Green Plaza, it’s high time for you to enjoy the nice scenery of 2 Han bridge sides in all. In every evening of the weekend, when the city is flooded with light and crowed street with busy stream of people. You’ll have such a discovery of life when you’re far from the ground
Address: 238 Bach Dang, Phuoc Ninh precinct, Hai Chau district

May café

May café

Up the Han River Bridge to the center, you’re under amazed when seeing this café shop. In May café, it’s easier for you to enjoy sight of Han River.You probably don’t dodge this sparking view.
Address: 1B, Le Duan street.

Café A La carte

Located in the top of La carte hotel on My Khe beach. It is a perfect place with nice view for people, expecting to hunt for the good photos of Danang
Café a la carte – the awesome café shop, where you shouldn’t ignore
Address: 01 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Danang

Rafew café

Rafew café of Danang with romantic atmosphere is a new place both the locals and tourists. With new-fangled architecture and spacious place.This’s the best choice for fan of beautiful café shop in Danang
Address: 58 Hang Van Thu, Danang

Café Long

Café Long was set up in 1980.It has attracted many attentions because of strange cafe’s Thanks to café seeds,chosen by handicraft methods, storage, roast, grind on family’s own secrets. So it turns into the fure and fragrant café.
Having 30 experience in this area, Long café goes on striving for building sustainable faith on customer, partners, the public and every staff with the aim improving their personal values
Besides, its space is quite beautiful. It has not only little tables with little chairs but also the short table, so you can sit down on the floor. There are no air-conditioner and noisy music Address: 123 Le Loi

Nia café

Nia café- the best ecological space in Danang- punctilious beauty to enjoy. Decorated with natural items but it’s still own modern view. Nia café is rather quiet, so it’s very great to come, listen to wind sound, watch the blue sky, observer ripening plums. In here, in the afternoon, you can look at bamboo leaves, which fell
Address: 3/12 Phan Thanh Tai, Hai Chau, Danang

Villa café

Owning a cup of café in well-aired space of nature and the trees with a little the sun, a little the wind and a little individual. Villa café- nice shop in Danang with classical architecture of Euro and article garden of Orient is a perfect space in Danang city
Address: 19 Chu Van An, Da Nang

Cloud garden

Cloud garden owns awesome space and well-aired atmosphere.It’s a nice place to come, enjoy and chat together. It makes you feel In addition, the shop located in a quiet place, so it’s suitable shop for you, who fans of noiseless
Address: 72 Le Manh Trinh, Da Nang

Pavilion garden café

Pavilion garden café – the most beautiful in Da Nang. In spite of a new shop, Pavilion garden café is really busy. Old record-player, old motorbike, and dark flower vases are arranged harmoniously and subtlely. Ensure that you will feel easy and comfortable when calling at here
Address: 122 Quang Trung, Da Nang

Up café

Despite small, Up café is so cute. When seating on the table, which next to the glass window to look at the edge of the lake, you probably fell romantic air. The sight looks like in foreign street. On a rainy day, it let you enjoy easy music, this’s is very warm
Address: 72 Ham Nghi, Thanh Khe, Danang( turn on Tan Da Street, next to Hoang Anh Gia Lai apartment building

Old space café

located on Dien Bien Phu street. In the evening, Old and original café shop appear luxuriously
Its characteristic is meticulosity of sight, spacious place, and quiet air. Inside, there are lots of banyan tree, river wharf, communal yard, areca and small road, foot bridge is designed by stone and wood
Address: 402, 404 Dien Bien Phu, Danang

Memory lounge

Along Bach Dang Street, next to the poetic Han River in Danang. Memory lounge is a place, collecting all the beauty of Danang. It’s designed look like figure of leaf, which floats on the surface of Han River. The degure of leaf is not just overall architecture of outside when coming inside of Memor lounge, you are easy to find them in every furniture, pattern on wall, the roof and main pillar
Address; 07 Bach Dang, Danang

Café patio

Café patio- the beautiful shop in Danang: wide place, nice decoration, interesting destination. The tree is main decorated item, the color is easy, space is quiet and service is ok. Boss is enthusiasm and’s a perfect place to take article photos and date friend team
Address: 22 Le Hong Phong, Danang

Ly Bang Phuong

‘For the memorial, old and gentle only’. Ly Bang Phuong is decored beautifully by elegant hand-make potter and chinaware

Address: 33 Hoang Van Thu

Daisy café

The lady is probably fan of small café shop, which on the lane of Le Hong Phong Street. Exactly as nice name- Daisy, it is full of gentle, romantic, old atmosphere. This’s suitable to discover a small concern of Danang- soft and easy
Daisy has both outside and inside space with much nice beauty, own vintage style and willing to respond relax needs and ‘pose the picture” for the young.
Address: 31/5 Le Hong Phong

Papa container

Beginning with a great idea- using an old container to turn into full of creative space. Nice swing, tree in all corner of the garden, beside row of window is old books. Table is some transformed sewing- machine. All of them is arranged harmoniously in barely big space, which makes it become better in Da Nang
immediately,papa container turn into simply panting, soft but really warm
Address: Lot 06-BT6, Thanh Tinh concern, Tan Trao, Hoa Minh precinct, Linh Chieu district

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