Top 3 Best Bunk Beds With Mattress Under $200

Ever thought of investing in Bunk beds with the mattress under $200? In fact, more than often, people with large families opt for this option as they want to save space as well as money by purchasing a bunk bed. A bunk bed as it sounds is very much like the bunker, one bed on top of the other. Usually, these beds come with a ladder that helps you to reach the top bed. Practically speaking if you multiple kids or a too many family members living in one single, then this happens to your number one solution for giving each of them the space they want. Remember, a family that rests well is the happiest of all. We have incorporated more in this post about Bunk Beds with Mattress for this. Just read it until the end to get a fair understanding of these beds.

Top 3 Best Bunk Beds with Mattress Under $200:

Bunk Beds with Mattresses under $200

Walker Edison Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed, Espresso

This coffee-colored bunk bed is one of a kind of a bed that needs special mention. The first thing that goes into its favor is the price that it comes for. That certainly makes it a good investment, because you get two beds for this price. This is a good piece of furniture because it is a practical choice owing to many things. Let us have a look at them in details.

  • Design – It goes without saying that opting for the minimalist always wins you brownie points. This espresso-colored bed is designed very modestly but that does not deter its looks. It is an attractive bed with a simple design and that is all.
  • Safety – Taking a cue from this discussion, we must add that Walker Edison follows all the safety standards while designing their bunk beds. The product is no exception to this, as it comes with guardrails and a solidly integrated ladder.
  • Specialty – Given a chance this bed can transform into two separate beds anytime. So, if you do not want to use it as a bunk bed, then you can lay them side by side to make use of it.
Walker Edison Twin Bunk Bed
  • Saves space and this should be one of the major solutions to small apartments
  • Is easy to assemble
  • Easily available at major online retail stores
  • You get to choose from an array of colors like honey, gray, natural, cherry and more
  • Measures 79 inches in width x 42 inches in depth x 65 inches in height
  • It weighs 118 pounds only
  • It includes slats and there is no need of a spring box
  • Use best 8 inch mattress

  • Made from medium wood, which means it can easily get scratched
  • May need additional boards to support the mattress according to your requirements

Overall, this bunk bed will not disappoint you in the long run, provided you keep it maintained. Just remember this and it will serve you for long for sure.

Storkcraft Long Horn Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed, White

What could be better than sleeping in a pristine white bed? This Storkcraft makes your dream come true by offering you with this gorgeous white colored bunk bed. Yes, it is true that it may take a little more effort from you to look like that, but if you can manage it, then your guests will love you for this arrangement quite positively. See more: How to Sleep 8 hours in 4 Hours

  • Design – This Storkcraft steals your heart away from the very beginning. To be honest, it must be revealed that this white colored bunk bed has lured many into its charms. Most of them are happy and we say from our personal experience!
  • Safety – Not to mention, this bed meets all the safety regulations that you may recall. For example, it meets all CPSC and ASTM standards, thus rendering the bed and its quality both unquestionable.
  • Specialty – Is totally eco-friendly as it is made from non toxic material. Its finishes are also free of any harmful retardants and VOCs. This makes it absolutely safe for your family to sleep in.
Storkcraft Twin Bunk Bed
  • Is a magnificent piece of furniture
  • You get a brand name for your investment
  • It is very sturdy
  • The asking price is not that high
  • It comes with guardrails and four step ladder that ensure your safety
  • Comprises of high grade fasteners
  • Has 1 year of limited warranty and that certainly is a game changer

  • The guardrails seem to be at question in case the occupant is a bit mischievous
  • Owing to the height of the beds, you can allot mattresses of 8 inches at the maximum

In a nutshell, if you are looking for Bunk Beds, then a Storkcraft is not a bad choice. In fact, you must take the plunge if you get two beds for this price anytime!

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Dorel Living Brady Twin over Full Solid Wood Kid’s Bunk Bed with Ladder, Black

Nothing more elegant than a black beauty and the same applies to this bunk bed at least. Think of it as a low maintenance investment and you will get the picture we are asking you to frame. To tell you the truth, a bunk bed is not only a space saver but is also an adventure in itself. Why deprive them of it?

  • Design – Undoubtedly, this Brady twin tower is a space saver as it maximizes the room to play for kids especially. Nonetheless, the sophistication of this Dorel can hardly escape anyone. The beautiful bunk bed is easy to preserve and will last you long because of the name associated with it.
  • Safety – Don’t worry about a Dorel at all in this regards, as it is super safe to use one. With the sturdy guardrails, you know your kids are safe beyond words. In addition, the four-step ladder is a boon as it is not too much to reach the top, but at the same time is safe enough with proper gapping.
  • Specialty – The Brady Bunk bed can turn into single beds anytime you want them to serve you as two! Yes, you can get two stand alone beds for two different people.
Dorel Living Brady Twin over Full Solid Wood Kid's Bunk Bed with Ladder, Black
  • Good looking bed to start with
  • Converts into a twin and a full sized bed
  • Easy to assemble
  • It supports slats
  • It is available in different colors
  • You can get it at leading online retail outlets

  • The finishing is a problem
  • It is little heavy to assemble for one adult

There is nothing that you can say no to this bargain. If you believe in Dorel, then this could be your bunk bed. Are you still thinking? Try it once and you will never regret it.

Best Mattress

We have curated a list of the best-suited mattresses that you can use for this purpose. Feel free to go through it. See more at: Top Rated Best Mattress Under $200

Latex mattress

The one we are about to discuss is a real deal for those looking for a latex mattress.

Tuft & Needle California King Mattress

This is so not the egg crate kind of mattress that we are talking about. Tuft and Needle are totally different than any other mattress in the market. This started from the painful experience of a newlywed couple and today is one of the pioneer brands of the bedding industry. Total: 10.000+ Customer Reviews with ~ 5 Stars

  • This is a top rated mattress that has the leading consumer reports
  • Tuft and Needle use adaptive foam that is 100% unique
  • The foam used is high grade and more supportive than memory foam
  • Speaking of which brings us to discuss this point that you don’t feel hot, sunk in or stuck with this mattress
  • Good for any kind of sleeping posture, back, side or tummy
  • Relieves you of the pressure and has what they call “localized bounce” that does not disturb your sleeping partner
  • Made in the US
  • Certified by the prestigious Certi-PUR that implies this mattress is low on VOC emissions, does not contain flame retardants or PBDEs
  • 100 nights guaranteed sleep trial
  • Comes with 10 years warranty

  • Hands down it has to be price that makes it look little out of reach
  • You need to get used to this California King mattress and that may take a few weeks

Best Memory Foam Mattress

For those that trust the memory foam, they can cast a glance at this review:

Signature Sleep 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

Looking for a solution to Bunk Beds with Mattress, then you must know Signature Sleep to be a trusted brand. This company is known for its memory foam mattresses and advanced technology that goes into making them. Their products are eco-friendly and are certified by authorized bodies that we will discuss in a while.

Total: 6600+ Customer Reviews – 4.5 Stars

  • This 12-inch mattress has a base of 8.5 inches of high-density base topped with 3.5 inches of memory foam
  • It has been certified by the CertiPUR-US ® as it has low VOC emissions, is free of TCEP, PBDEs, formaldehyde and other heavy metals
  • It distributes your body weight equally all over, that reduces aches and pains
  • This means you wake up fresh every morning
  • Again, no matter how much you toss and turn, your sleeping partner will not feel a thing
  • You can use this mattress for the whole family that may different needs, like bunk beds, trundles, platform beds or day beds
  • You can sleep in any position you like, on your stomach, sides or back, it will not cause any problem

  • Comes with a fancy price tag that is an alarm for some
  • Takes time to expand, like 48 hours which means you cannot use the product right out of the box

Related Product

Here is a product to these bunk beds that you can use for either of the beds:

Elegant Comfort 1500 Thread Count Wrinkle & Fade Resistant Egyptian Quality Ultra Soft Luxurious 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set, King, Lilac

This lustrous King sized bed sheet is silk, yet soft to touch and can stay wrinkle free for years to come. This is low on maintenance as it does not need ironing as well and is:

  • Made from microfiber, that makes it stronger than cotton
  • Is very durable because of the 1500 thread made of Egyptian cotton
  • The fabric is breathable and hypoallergenic, which means it can ward off mites, allergens, bacterial growth and untimely mildew formation
  • Is available in different colors

The benefit of Sleep Mask to sleep

In most cases, an eye mask would cover the eyes, temples and the parts of the cheek. It usually comes with a fastening at the back that keeps this mask secured in its place while you sleep in peace. There are a lot of benefits of using eye masks and they can be explained as follows:

  • They protect the skin around your eyes from the harsh light and the UV rays of the morning sun
  • That said, on the whole, these masks happen to block light that otherwise may disturb your sleep
  • The gel eye masks that you find these days can relieve you of sinus and soreness in addition to all this


It is needless to say, that the beds and mattresses we have discussed are the best of the lot. If you are looking for Best Bunk Beds with Mattress Under 200 Dollars then you are sure to come across these products. There is nothing better than a Storkcraft or Dorel bed with a Signature mattress. This combination will not only last you long, but also make it worth for your investment. These are the comfiest words from the bedding industry and we know by now you have started comprehending them to some extent. We are sure you will feel the same way, once you get to know them better. Well, we have tried our best to curate the beds and mattresses for you, rest is your choice.

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