10 Points to Consider While Buying a New Copper Cookware Set

For regular daily cooking activities, people mostly rely on non-sticky pans because they are light and easy to use. There are many materials for cookware such as aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, and many others. Every material has its own pros and cons. If you are looking for a cookware set that heats very quickly, look no other than copper cookware set. Cooper material is the best heat conductor. Cooper cookware is well-known for its ability to spread heat over the entire pot or pan. It is safe for use on the stove top, in the oven, and on a broiler. With this cookware, you can make the yummy caramel sauce, risotto, roasted beef, and many other special dishes.

However, it comes at a very expensive price that makes people think twice to buy a copper cookware set. It makes sense, though. Copper is known as the best heat conductor, allowing you to cook evenly and give more control to the food being cooked. Cooper cookware set is ideal for boiling, sautéing, steaming, and the like. It means that it can perform nearly all types of cooking. You should own a set copper cookware set, then. Well, probably you don’t need to buy a complete set of copper cookware but at least you can buy some important pieces such as basic pots and pans in a standard size that you will often use.

10 Points to Consider While Buying a New Copper Cookware Set

Before you go to cookware shops to pick some copper cookware pieces, it is better to take a look at this copper cookware set buying guide. This guide provides you some information about what to consider when buying a set of copper cookware.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When you decide to buy the best copper cookware set, it’s important to know how to care for your copper cookware so it can last for decades. Cleaning copper cookware is very easy. For daily cleaning, you can just wash it with gentle dish soap and rinse it with water. In order to keep it gleaming and shiny, you can rub the copper with lemon, vinegar, and salt. Meanwhile, there are things that you should pay attention to keep the quality of your copper cookware. For example, don’t heat a dry pan. Also, whenever you notice some damage, have it repaired.


Just like other cookware sets, the copper ones are also available in numerous sizes from small, medium, to the large ones. Because the pieces are quite heavy, you are probably reluctant to buy the big ones. Not only are they weighty, they are also more expensive. The size of the cookware follows that international standard. For example, you can always find a copper fry pan in 7 to 24 inches.


Don’t be surprised that copper cookware can be so heavy. You have to accept the fact that a medium size of a stockpot with 4 mm thickness can weigh more than 40 pounds. It explains why most chefs are men.

Proper Thickness

Generally, the thickness of good copper cookware ranges from 3 to 4 mm. It means do not buy cookware with less than 3 mm thick. The greater the thickness, the better the heat distribution. Unfortunately, the thicker the product, it will be heavier too.

Handle Options

There are many types of handles based on their material and design. They are cast-iron, bronze, nickel plated steel, and many more. Each of them has its own advantages. Welded handles, for example, are strong and durable. There are other handles which are permanently attached or easily replaced.


Compared to other materials, copper cookware sets are more expensive. The price is also influenced by how many pieces included in the sets.


There are copper cookware pieces that come without any coating or lining. These pieces are good for making jam, caramel, or syrup. Most of the copper pots are coated with tin lining. The safest option is the ones coated with ceramic. Copper cookware with a ceramic coating is the most expensive yet it is not stretchable and easy to clean.

Where to Shop

Copper cookware sets are available just anywhere offline and online. Make sure that you only buy genuine cookware sets from original brands to ensure their quality. For a convenient way of shopping, you can buy online. Usually, online shops offer competitive price and discounts. They also offer free shipping. See more: Top 5 Best dishwasher under 500

Copper Cookware Buying Guide


Many people do not really pay attention to the warranty of the product. It’s probably because they think their copper cookware will last forever. Even if they are broken, they can get it fixed anywhere without spending much money. The first reason why the warranty is important is when you want to resale the cookware set. Used copper cookware sets will still have high value if they come with the warranty. Usually, such cookware sets have a lifetime warranty. If they are broken, you can just return them to the company and you will get new ones.


Different sets of copper cookware may contain different pieces. There is a set which only contains basic pieces such as a frying pan, a sauté pan, and a stockpot, each with the lid. However, there are other sets with more pieces like Dutch oven, grill pans, works, and even pressure cookers and roasting pans. Because copper cookware sets are not cheap, it’s better to list types of cookware that you need. That is why you have to know the function of each cookware piece. If you just need a pan for fast cooking like frying and smearing, why should you buy a set with a griddle in it?

Those are the copper cookware set buying guide that you can consider. We hope the guide can help you to choose a set of copper cookware set that suits your needs.

Final Words

Copper is not the best option for every purpose but it surely handles certain cooking tasks better. It is important to consider the copper cookware set buying guide above so you can optimize its use.


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